Get to Know an American Idol Contestant: Stephanie Edwards

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After last night's American Idol auditions, the front-runners remain Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle.

Stephanie Hits a High Note
But a buzz is growing around Stephanie Edwards. She looked beautiful. She sang perfectly. As a contestant that's flown under the radar of most fans so far, we thought it was time to introduce you to Edwards a bit more, courtesy of her official bio:
  • She's only 19. Wow.
  • She lists Justin Timberlake as a favorite male pop artists. We wonder if this means she also like Chris Richardson, often compared to JT throughout the competition so far.
  • She was named "Savannh Star" in 2005.
  • While Fantasia is Stephanie's favorite Idol victor so far, she cites Simon Cowell as her top judge. "He's really nice to me," Edwards says.

We wish Stephanie - and all American Idol contestants - the best of luck. If she continues at her current pace, fans won't need our help to know all about this talented singer.

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You guys added me on myspace, so I was excited to check out your site, but all of your profiles are the exact details listed under each contestant's profile on!!! Let's come up with something newer and IN ADDITION to what American already knows! :)


Yessssssssssss!!! Go Steph!!! I gots nothing BUT love for you sweetheart!!! Do ya thang girl!!! This should be a PIECE OF CAKE!! You have BEEN making people cry with that voice since SMS and we ALL know u held it down at WFHS so go ahead a win this too!!! You'll have something else to look back on because your LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!! Good Luck Sweetie...