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Paula Abdul Has Love for Simon Cowell

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Paula Abdul says she and Simon Cowell, who torments her on the set of American Idol, are chummy in real life.

Paula Abdul Has Love for Simon Cowell "Simon and I actually get along great," the 44-year-old judge says in an interview in TV Guide magazine's March 19 issue. "We have cultivated a fun relationship. ... He's actually become a really good friend."

Were they at first attracted to one another, as Cowell has suggested?

"Oh, puh-leez! He makes this stuff up," Abdul says. "He said, 'Paula, people want us to hook up so bad.' I said, 'That's disgusting.' He goes, 'Paula, I know you want me,' and I go, 'Like a cold sore.' We have fun playing up the chemistry, but there's also times when I would cross the other side of the street so I wouldn't have to look at him."

In her five years on American Idol, Abdul has become a pop-culture punch line for her sometimes odd behavior, which has included slurred speech. Cowell, ever the troublemaker, is to blame, she says.

"He's caused me a lot of problems. ... In the middle of me trying to figure out how I'm going to say something that gives someone dignity walking off that stage, I've got the antagonistic brother goofing on me, trying to throw me off.

"Simon will do things that people have no idea about. ... When the camera isn't on me, (he) isn't watching the performance, he's poking and prodding me."

Sounds like a possible love connection to us. Someone better warn Terri Seymour!

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if they don't get to gether then why even do things on tv like they do. every time i watch american idol i hope they get together. if upset they are not to gether. i heard that paula has a boyfriend already and i want to know what he thinks. and i heard she wants to have kids with this guy. if its to late she wants to adopt and i do hope she does have a child before she gets to old


i think paula and simon should go out they are a matchmaid in heaven. i think they should just get together.


Screw Terri Seymour. Simon and Paula belong together. They have the love/hate relationship everyone loves and they are the cutest couple ever. I mean, Simon Cowell is very attractive and Paula Abdul is absolutly beautiful.


in my comment abouve i meant to write love-story, sorry for the spelling mistakes,you both should see one of the vidios of you both gazing into one anothers eyes though, it's so romantic the way your always holdin each other and kissing, you would make the worlds best couple! :D paula makes (mr.mean):D into mr.lovely soo cute i love you both xx


if you to are reading this please go on you and type in your names or(saula),you should watch one of the vidios of you both like everlasting love or the best one love sory :D theres so much chemistry between you both it's unbeleivable your not together,i think paula and simon should be judjes together or more shows,when they kiss it's like i've seen love,if you see one of the vidio's i know you'll see exactly what i do and mabye it will show yo both what a great couple you are and how much your ment to be together love you both sooo much :D


i can't beleive that paula and simon aren't together,i've been watchinf vidio's of them on youtube, and there always hugging and kissing, you can tell that simon is totally in love with her because he can't keep his hands and eyes of her,and she's in love with him because she always makes him want her and looking and smiling at him,there the onlyh reason i love american idol so much, they should have more shows together it would be great :D you can tell they mean alot 2 each other,and when they kiss it's almost like you can see sparks fly,i hope they get together,sum1 make the first move :D xxxx love you both, and i know that when you kiss is means something 2 you both, when simon puts his arms around paula and smel shis hair,and paula looks ap to kiss him, pleasee get together,your the perfect couple x :D


i think paula and simon is really...... inlove to each other.., i really love both of u.......!! i was hoping that u read my comment for both of u!!!!!!!!


She so wants him!


I think paula abdul and simon are made for each other.Im mad that there not even going out.


when is the wedding between them? look to this season, they defently have something...