Simon Cowell: I am Bigger than Bruce Springstein

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American Idol judge Simon Cowell has laid claim to being bigger than Bruce Springsteen in an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes.” In the interview (which will air on Sunday) Cowell stated that he is worth more to Sony BMG than Springsteen.

Simon Cowell, American Idol Judge
Cowell further stated that he sells more albums for the label than the 57-year-old music icon – who signed a deal with Sony BMG for more than $100 million. He also said that if Springsteen’s contract is based on album sales then Sony BMG should pay him even more since he has probably sold “over 100 million records.”

Cowell backed up his claim to the title due to his involvement with American Idol and the amount of top selling artists that the show has produced around the world.

Sony BMG produces albums with “American Idol” winners and runners-up through a deal with Clive Davis and 19 Recordings Unlimited – the label that is managed by Idol creator Simon Fuller.

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul is a bigger Cowell fan than she might let on typically.

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I am glad you did not let Sonjaya win because if you did then that would ruin the whole idea about the show: It would cease for qualified contestants to be able to win. Thank you


Simon Cowell is a moment in time. A black mark on the joke they call entertainment. To compare him to Springstein would be like comparing Jerry Springer to Walter Cronkite. It makes me sick to no end that we can sit here and value one's contributions to society by the dollar value. Oh well, American Idol or idiot. The world gets sucked in to yet another fad. Let's just hope the next ones not to far around the corner.


simon you rock
i only watch american idol because of you every time american idol's on me and my friends get together and watch
we all wish you were a talk show host
You would be HOT!!!!!!!!!


simon you cool i love how your so honest but seriously lay off of sonjaya
hes young and he's going for his dream he can't help it if he's cute if thast helps make his career then good for him keep up the mean comment they really keep america watching but your not being fair to sonjaya he probably feels like he's a bad singer and hes not he reallyt isent ttyl