New Heidi Montag Bikini Photos (With Spencer Pratt, Sadly)

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We don't want to come out and say that these Heidi Montag pictures - in which she prances around on a California beach in a bikini with her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt - are staged. But they so are.

Come on. Playing in the surf? Fake fighting? Making out? Showing off that new boob job from every conceivable angle? Clearly, The Hills star craves attention - and will go to great lengths to get it.

Not quite as far as Jennifer Toof. But give it time.

Seriously, though, they are practically standing there, smiling for a damn camera. The Scoop staff wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Cool himself, Spencer Pratt, paid a photographer to show up.

Other activities featured in this candid photo shoot included water gun fights, racquetball, chasing, splashing, canoodling, putting on sunblock, making out, Spencer ogling Heidi Montag, and more.

For more on the waste of oxygen that is Spencer Pratt, check out this bio. Here are the Heidi Montag photos in question (click to enlarge):

Heidi Montag Bikini Pic
Oh, What Fun!
Fake Boobs and Staged Photos
Look at Those Things
Look, What a Happy Couple
A Bad Actress
Cries For Attention

Yeah, yeah. You're so cute, guys. We get it... and we aren't interested. No thanks. Just give us Lauren Conrad any day!

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The whole relationship just makes me sick. I am speachless, Keidi your just a stupid idiot, and spencer, your not even worth my words. I can't stand either of you and i wish you would just be taken off of television all together. All you want is attention. Your both just attention Getters and i'm sorry but your so rediculous and need to get a life!!


wow!!!!!these pics are so staged its unbeliveable!!!!!!!heidi, get ovr it, evryone lyks lauren bcuz she's a better person. and spencer, yy would u say i have two cell phones(one for girlfriends and one for friends)?tht makes u look lyk such a BIG player!!!!!!oh, heidi, yy would u leave lauren and move in with spencer???he's such a player who just wanted to break ur's and lauren's frinedship!!!!!!!u need to learn who's more important:bbf's or bf's...


I love you Heidi!!!I think unlike the rest of the people that you and Spencer make a great couple.They dont know what your going through.Spencer can be a big butt sometimes though.But you shouldnt of left Lauren like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really guys? How desperate are you? No ones day on the beach is like that, come on now. Its kinda sad, if I didnt think you guys were as pothetic as you are, I would feel bad for you a little bit and only for a second... but I dont! I hope you guys read some of this shit people write about you, and Heidi i hope you realize your an idiot! And Spencer you have currupted Heidi. Im sorry was that too big of a word for you? Grow up get a life. What are you guys going to do when you get older and Heidis fake boobs sag?


Totally just shows you how many problems these two have..i mean trying to pretend to be happy...i dont think hes so ugly...and a sociopath...LOSERS!!!


They make me sick... why fake all of this?? And to choose that loser over Lauren... your nuts Lauren is the best friend anyone could ever have!!! They just wanted attention... but guess what we could care less... Lauren Conrad is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!


okay.. i love heidi. i mean but she should not betry her bffl lauren.. mabey season three they will be friernds, BUIT I HATE SPENCER ! ugh he rotts me


I'm glad Lauren is not friends with Heidi. She's fake, a liar, and she's not to be trusted.


These photos are sooooooooo staged....a little desperate for attention, I'd say. Everything about them is so fake. Hey Heidi, do something about that chin!!!!!