Jaslene Gonzalez Describes Top Model Pressure, Thrill of Victory

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Each week, America's Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez had to brave crazy photo shoots with full hair and makeup, TV cameras capturing her every move 24/7, and a notoriously tough judging panel.

In the end, the show's judges, including executive producer Tyra Banks, selected the Chicago native to take the top prize.

And deservedly so. After she edged out Natasha Galkina, Us Weekly caught up with America's newest CoverGirl during her recent press tour in New York City.

Us: Who is the first person you called right after you won the show?
Jaslene Gonzalez: Definitely my mom. Once I told her, she told everybody.

Us: What was it like standing in front of the America's Next Top Model judging panel each week?
Jaslene Gonzalez: You're under so much pressure. You think one day you're doing so well and then you're going to the panel room and they critique you so harshly it puts you down. In the middle of the competition I fell off a little bit.

Us: You also auditioned for the show last season but were cut.
Jaslene Gonzalez: I think it prepared me a lot more this time around.

Us: You said Miss J (a.k.a. J. Alexander) is your favorite judge. Who would win in a walk-off between you two?
Jaslene Gonzalez: He lived for my walk. He was in love with me and I was in love with him. He's a queen and I'm a queen, so we have so much in common.

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gooooooo Jas.... u are the won!!!


im a total whore!im a shone.....hahahahahhaha


ur so ugly!


I was disappointed Jaslene won. Although she can take beautiful pictures, she is not a Cover Girl. She continues to look like a drag queen on camera, and she is in desparate need of speech lessons.


I think she is the coolest.She doesnt coose to be skinny, Its the way her body is...she has my support all the way i am glad a LATINA took it home this time.


i totally love jaslene.i'm a latina myself so i had alot in common with her. she was my favorite from the beginning and i was sooo happy that she won. jalene prove to everybody that latina's can do it too!!!


i am sorry i still dont see y the judges chose Jaslene of all the people. first of all of her shots had the 'negative' emotions:anger, agression and stuff,, natssha and renee had much more complex photoshoots and natasha and rennee improved as the show went on. Jaslene DID NOT improve. like seriously and the way judges spoke about her it was all negative and then they choose her!!!


This young woman is far to skinny for words and to be honest she looks unhealthy. I wish her great luck as there is no real model that has emerged from the show as yet. I am surprised that Tyra Banks would allow for her winning, but i think the show is situated so that they never pick someone who could truly go out into the fashion industry and do the it the way it needs to be done.