Kate Walsh Announces Her Engagement!

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She's Engaged!
Friday, Private Practice was officially picked up.

But the new show's star, Grey's Anatomy actress Kate Walsh. now has even an even bigger reason to celebrate. In addition to getting her own prime-time TV series, she's getting married!

The 39-year-old actress confirmed Tuesday that she's engaged to boyfriend, Alex Young, a production co-president at 20th Century Fox.

Walsh flashed her Neil Lane Jubilee-cut diamond to People magazine and said that Young proposed last week in San Francisco.

So what makes her fiancé so special?

"Oh, everything," she gushed at the Entertainment Weekly upfront party at The Box in NYC. "He's the most amazing man I ever met."

Kate Walsh, who has kept her love life under wraps for much of the past year, was recently seen in public Young at an April 28 fund-raiser for Barack Obama in Los Angeles.

ABC this week formally announced that Walsh will star in her own Grey's Anatomy spinoff, playing Dr. Addison Montgomery in Private Practice.

The show will air Wednesdays this fall and co-star Taye Diggs, Tim Daly, Amy Brennemann and others.

Congratulations, Kate! Walsh's engagement is the third of the Grey's Anatomy world in the past year, following co-stars Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl.

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Okay....No, she is way too good for him. She seems like she is in way too much of a hurry to marry. She could do better...ahhh she is so amazing. I wish she would just stick to Greys.


That was quick - she was probably drunk or something ;) Perhaps after an AA meeting?


Heatherjane, don't worry. They could always have her abducted by aliens and they'll put a chip in her neck so she can have babies. Hey, it worked on the X-files.
Anyway, congratulations Kate. I wish you all the best.


You Go Girl!!!! She is 39 years old....ain't no time like the present!! She probably wants to pop out a red-headed baby soon! Congratulations Kate!


Wow its just so interesting that she announces this engagement the day her new show gets picked up!! If they're still together in a year then i will be suprised, and i will eat my words!! But congrats to her!


i heard the good news earlier today, and congrats to her! she was first seen in public with this guy 2 weeks ago. they were dating for much longer im sure. all the other guys she has been linked with are just friends. what a great week, im sure her guy planned it to be during this time!


Usually she has a great sense of style, but that dress is soo not the right choise for her! It provides zero support for her bust, it's too flashy, doesn't look great with her skin tone, I mean what was she thinking?


congrats - but i am with you rose, it is quick.


She was dating someone from the industry before it is probably him.


Okay, so if the two of them do decide to have a baby, isn't it going to be hard to work around that one in the new show since she is apparently barren?


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