The Bachelor Spoiler: Winner Reportedly Reveals Herself

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One of the remaining three women on The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman has reportedly revealed that she's the woman selected by Andy Baldwin.

An Officer and a Gentleman

Currently in the running are Bevin Powers, Danielle Imwalle, and Tessa Horst. One of those three women "had a few drinks the other night and spilled the beans," according to the New York Post's Page Six.

The lucky girl said she won and revealed the current status of her relationship with Andy Baldwin.

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That woman is Tessa Horst, and the New York Post "spy" says "he proposes and she declines, but they are still very much together."

Interestingly, someone who hoped the two would end up together created a video of them from The Bachelor to highlight their chemistry - footage from the show, set to "Up Where We Belong" from An Officer and a Gentleman.

Gag. Baldwin winnows the field to two Monday, May 14. The winner - Tessa Horst or no Tessa Horst - will be officially revealed on the season finale, airing May 21 from 9-11 p.m. ET.

Incidentally, the Scoop would like to note that its staff picked Tessa Horst to win it all in its preview of the Bachelor final four.

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Andy sure made a huge mistake yes Tessa is really nice but Bevin is better she is so open to andy and always tells him how she feels .. she told him she loved him and she is ready to start a family with him and a future with him and all tessa can say is dat " i want to fall in love " so dumb ... i hope andy sees he made a mistake ... he should leave tessa and go get BEVIN !


the couchside assessment: andy picked the right gal, both girls had strengths, both girls had weaknesses, so did andy, quite frankly don't we all...but in the end, andy picked the right cute, andy's mom said she took some convincing too before she fell for his dad...all the best to the happy couple, hope it last against he bachelor odds...


Tessa is not ready to settle down yet. I think she wants the experience of "falling in love", but not necessarily "committing". She does not seem comfortable with intimacy in general, and certainly we have not seen it w/ Andy. I don't think Tessa is mature enough to know what she wants yet in life. On the other hand, Bevan has been through alot in life and wants to see this relationshipo w/ Andy work. She has been honest and I believe she could be a great partner for Andy in every sense of the word. She will not shrink from any challenge put to her. Is Andy ready for a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it??!I have not heard too much intelligent conversation come from Tessa yet and I find the "baby talk" she expresses to be symptomatic of a woman who still sees herself in some ways as a little girl, full of intimidation of adults!!


I believe that Tessa is actually trying to go through this the same way she would if she had met Andy in the real world! At the beginning of the show I picked out Tessa, Bevin, and Peyton as my three favorites! I really liked all of them, but after Bevin hurt her ankle, she changed and became very needy!!! She was always saying to "she couldn't be interested in someone who was interested in someone else that was so young" speaking of Amber! Well, she seems to be quite interested and very jealous of everyone else! She would not make a very good wife for Andy because he needs someone who is willing to always be there for him and not someone who is going to pull him down. Bevin is all about herself, and Tessa is being very true to herself. I can't imagine going in to a situation like this and falling in LOVE with someone so fast. She is just being honest with herself and I applaud her for that. You can tell that she obviously cares for him, but love, not yet! I really home that he does choose Tessa, because she is a very genuin person!


I've always liked Tessa. Bevin is ok but she doesn't seem like the marriage type for Andy although they look good as a couple. He even said it himself that she was very liberal. Of the 2, she seems little more wild and he definitely is physically attracted to her. But he's looking for a wife and that entails more than just physical chemistry. That's why I believe he'll pick Tessa over Bevin. And and I wouldn't be surprised if Tessa declines a marriage proposal; she often said she wasn't sure this was the right way to meet your spouse. She is really sincere and wants to be certain that this is it and for some that can't be done through a show in a limited amount of time.


Keeping in mind that we've only seen edited clips of their whole experience, it seems that Tessa is more level headed than Bevin, she's not blindly falling in lust with Andy...Andy and Tessa's growing love will be longer lasting than Bevin's scramble to keep Andy's viewed in our limited clips of their experience


I hope that it is Tessa. Yeah, her family actually questioned Andy, but only because they love her. And, she didn't rush into anything, she took her time. All Bevin did was cry about her ankle and make all of the group dates focus on her. Tessa is much better.


if it is tessa, i think she is pretty messed up for slipping and telling someone she was chosen. i think bevin is way better for andy and her family didn't harass him like tessa's did. i hope it is bevin!


I agree, I hope it's Bevin. I find Tessa cold and calculating.
Andy went for Tess because she played hard to get. Now she's near the end she's a pushover.
Bevin is independent, has done things her own way and can keep her sense of self. She's the only keeper. But if it's like the other bachelors, if he made a mistake, he can go back to the runner up.


bevin seems like the type of girl that would get pregnant to save a relationship