Katherine Heigl Says Isaiah Washington Apologized, Thanked Her After Incident

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In perhaps the greatest proof yet that his behavior was out of character, Katherine Heigl says Isaiah Washington apologized to her - and thanked her - on the set of Grey's Anatomy after she denounced his use of a gay slur.

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"Isaiah thanked me, which I didn't understand," the 28-year-old actress tells Entertainment Weekly. "He was almost grateful. I don't know Isaiah well, but he takes his work seriously and he loves his character."

Isaiah Washington came under fire for using the epithet at the Golden Globe Awards in January while denying he'd used it previously against fellow Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight.

Heigl, who plays outspoken Dr. Izzie Stevens on the hit ABC medical drama, was "furious and frustrated" at the time, so she leapt to Knight's defense.

"He made a big mistake, and it was thoughtless and boneheaded, and I think he's very sorry and embarrassed," she says in the magazine's Friday issue.

"This is something that will have changed the scope of his life."

Washington has truly made the best out of a bad situation, filming a public service announcement on behalf of gay rights groups GLAAD and GLSEN.

Heigl, who stars in the new Judd Apatow-directed comedy Knocked Up, which opens today, speaks out in the interview, too, about her protracted contract negotiations with ABC.

The bottom line, Katherine Heigl says, is that she wants the same respect they're showing the series' other talented actors.

And she says she doesn't like the label that seems to go along with a woman who stands up for what she wants.

"In this town, women who don't just snap and say, 'Okay, yessir, yes ma'am,' start to get a reputation for being difficult," Katherine Heigl says.

"But within the last five years, I've decided it's not worth it to me to be pushed around so much."

Heigl, who calls The Notebook one of her "all-time favorite movies," says she'd rather laugh than get too serious when it comes to movie roles.

"I just want to play happy people," she says.

"I'm a commercial kind of gal, and yeah, I would love to do a Monster, but I don't have any grand aspirations to do my Academy Award-winning movie. I love Kate Winslet, but I know I couldn't have her career."

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I think there are plenty of people who do believe that IW understands what he did, whether they choose to admit iit or not. I just think there are people who simply prefer to hold on to a grudge and theirs nothing you can do about people like that, other than feel sorry and pray for them.


Well, Sandra Oh is a no comment type of actress. That is not a put down in anyway, but that is a type of person who she is. And that is fine, and she was never directly involved in the controvesery. The main four have been Patrick, T.R., Katie, and Isaiah. Now IMO I felt all of them have articulated themselves well, and are thriving to move on. They answer questions, and are doing the best they can. Now whereas Sandra Oh is a "no comment" gal it doesn't mean another actress has to be. Katherine Heigl says how it is. She says how she feels, and while some said it was courageous for what she did. She says derived from frustration, furious, protection of her friend, and some liquor. I respect both gals as actresses and as a person. They do things articulate, and since Katherine puts her neck out on the line it means her quote will be microanaylzed to the next degree. Now Katherine is moving on. Patrick who commented yesterday is moving on. They are moving on, and I rather here their upfront comments instead of "no comment" because it emphasizes a transition of the healing. I'm grateful that Katherine is that much of candid, honest person who doesn't sure coat things because honestly to this day people do not believe Isaiah understood what he did. Which is said because I believe he did. Patrick, Katie, and rest of the cast(the ones that are actually talking anyways) believe he did. On the contracts the media(or most likely the unknown mole) only gives us a peek into contract negotations, and the media(especially on contracts) always makes it about money. Katherine just wants the respect she deserves, and IMO from what I know about contract renegotations in Hollywood. Money has something do with it, but there is always a lot we, the general public, do not know about. Contracts in any occupations are tricky things, and very convulated process. From my experience the look it appears to be isn't always the case. The poster who talked about Denny/Izzie didn't say "main reason". One would call that misquoting. Nor would I use the spamming of the writer's blog as an example. I read people from the Alex/Izzie fanbase have been spamming that board with various aliases to spam it. Nor does the writer's blog respresent the entire GA fanbase of 20 million viewers. No internet fanbase does. Internet fanbases are a very small small percentage of the show's viewership. Technically, the Denny/Izzie storyline started way back in "Begin" New Year's Day episode, but did pick up speed the moment Denny returned in "What Have I Done to Do This". Regardless, of the timeline Denny/Izzie received a ton of media attention. Gave Heigl a Golden Globe nominations, and critics and fan alike hailing her to get an Emmy nomination. I think the poster's point which was noted in the end. Was that Denny/Izzie helped contribute to season 2 success. It wasn't solely on Bang and Mer/Der. Many tuned in for Denny/Izzie too. The point being Mer/Der and Bang weren't the only reasons to the success of season two, and Izzie's storylines whether with Alex, George, and Denny contribute to that success. I hope the other poster who posted this is okay for me speak on their behalf. It just seemed their post was pretty straightforward.


To an extent I think you are right about the interviewer, but the actors have some control over what questions they are asked that goes into the agreement to do the interview in the first place. For example, has anyone heard Sandra Oh say anything one way or the other about it in an interview? She talked to the interviewer in Marie Claire about the pressure of being on a hit television show and the attention that comes with it. She said some people handle it well and others drink the Kool aid. She never made one statement about the incident directly nor did she point fingers at any of her castmated. I can't imagine that she wasn't asked. Or for that matter that she doesn't have an opinion. I also agree that pay may not be the only deal breaker in contract negotiations and that there are other aspects of it. The only thing I have heard KH complain about though was the amount of money offered which she felt did not give her the respect she deserved. Respect seemed to be tied up with dollars in her case. Of course, I could be wrong. I have no inside knowledge of any of this, just what appears to be the case from the outside looking in. In terms of the Denny/Izzie storyline. Do you really think that was the main reason people tuned in to the season two finale? Yes, there were those who really loved Denny, Shonda included. But, there were those who really loved Izzie with Alex, too, if you read the writer's blog back at that time. I tuned in to see if Cristina would bail on Burke or if she would grow up a little bit. Others tuned in to see if Meredith and Derek were going to get back together. There was several storylines going on at the same time all of which came to a head that night. Denny died, Cristina went to Burke and took his hand, Meredith and Derek had sex at the prom. No matter which couple you were rooting for, there was something for everyone. I personally never found the Denny/Izzie storyline believable. She never even saw him outside of the hospital. However, I know there were lots of people who did. Regardless, the Denny story was only the last few weeks of season two. If you go back over the season and rewatch, it was really a great season, but not because of Izzie. In my opinion it was great because of the entire ensemble cast headed up by Meredith and Derek, Burke and Cristina.


From the EW article I read she was making a generalize statement. Not referring to anyone in particular.


just curious, who are the ‘women who don't just snap and say, ‘Okay, yes sir, yes ma'am,' ? is she indirectly refering to some specific actors in particular?


I've been saying it since this started. She had an agenda and we all know what that is now, but enough said. She's saying she forgives him and that's all that matter at this point. It's just time to move on. Also, I think the reason for the 22 mil was because people wanted to see if Mer would actually die or how they would bring her back. If Denny hadn't been on the show, the ratings would still have been high. If you look back on the ratings prior to that episode, you'll see that the ratings started rising after Burke proposed to Cristina.


I agree with rayofsunshine. let her be! so she's a bit more open about the whole situation then y'all would like her to be. she didn't pick the questions the interviewers asked her! I think she's answering them politely and well spoken and just give the woman a damn break!


fyi "some kind of miracle" wasnt one of the top rated episodes it was the highest...27 million. amazing. this years finale only got 22 million...therefore we need denny to step away from the light!


Actually have to say you are wrong to a degree. When another poster said she is being consistent she is. Katie doesn't applease anyone. In fact, her noting that Isaiah thanked and apologized to her is nothing knew to me lol. In fact, I saw an interview she did way back in Feburary(during her campaign with Pedigree) that noted this same exact incident. But it was to a local news station. It didn't make headlines since it was so local to that one news station. Having it in EW actually made it headlines because it is a bigger market. With an actress like Katie she is who she is. She doesn't lie unlike another actor on the show sadly has showed and emphasized. On the contracts there are still stuff we don't know. Sure some of it was about pay, but with contracts there are other things involved that are not money-related. For instance supposely I heard Patrick wants more time off for his racing in March. A lot is about respect, and if you are not feeling the respect you deserve than by damn you deserve to fight for it. And S2 was big for Izzie/Denny...not just Mer/Der and Burke/Christina. A big chunk was devoted to Izzie/Denny especially in the last leg, and they got far more bigger news and buzz than Mer/Der and Burke/Christina ever did after that finale. I'm sorry but they did. Denny is a fan favorite, and was one of the reasons why "Some Kind of Miracle" is one of the highest rated episodes. Izzie was a contribution to why S2 was so good, and she brought a lot of news to the show. Now of course that is my own observation, but my point is there is stuff we don't know about the contracts. We have no idea some things that is going on.


STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!! When Kat does interviews and they ask her about it she should just say"we've moved on and you should too." I don't know her but I am not realy liking her and I think she should just shut the heck up.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.


Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

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