Patrick Dempsey Gets Back to Work

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Dr. McDreamy is hard at work, even in the off-season. But he still manages to keep it laid back. A week after driving the pace car at the Indy 500, the amazing Patrick Dempsey is back on the set - of his newest movie, Made of Honor. Here's a photo of Patrick filming a flashback scene.

Patrick Dempsey is Made of Honor

Due out later this year, Made of Honor is the story of a guy in love with his engaged friend - and who tries to win her over when she asks him to be her maid of honor. Should be a good one!

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I like his hair it's the outfit I don't like put him in some blue jeans he looks better.


He's human... he's gonna have the occasional photo that's not quite the ultimate McDreamy. He's a great guy so please give him a break! Although it's not my favorite picture of him, I still enjoy seeing it. Thanks for posting it, iheartizzie.


Well, you know the rumors were flying a while back about how gray he was....when I saw him in the Indy Parade, his hair was shorter, but mostly dark with sexy gray highlights (if guys can have highlights). I think the shorter hair does make him look a little older, as does the clean shaven look.... He pretty much always looks good to me, too....but the Redbook cover is my current favorite. Hot, hot, hot! can't wait for the movie to come out! And isn't Enchanted due out this summer, too?


Even when he looks a little ruff he still McDreamy. I just hope Shonda and Co. listen to Dempeo and fans. Let Derek and Meredith be happy it's not that much to ask or that hard to do.


that has got to be the worst pic of hiim ever....


Well, I have to say that I think he is precious no mattter what! He must have done this shot right after filming grey's because his hair is much shorter now. And I guess if they were filming a flashback scene, his hair would need to be longer!
Looking ggod to me Patrick!


exactly lots of grey hair and looking much older, the picture sure didnt do him any justice.


he has a lot of grey hair on the right side of his head. this picture doesn't really do him justice even if it is a flashback.

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