Grey's Anatomy Gossip: O'Mizzie Over?

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When it comes to summer Grey's Anatomy news, Michael Ausiello of TV Guide is all over it. Here's what he has to say about the Izzie-George pairing (which, apparently, is as unpopular with focus groups as our many reader comments would suggest) as well as a hint as to what's to come first for the new interns... one of whom we already know.

Question: I am in desperate need of some Grey's Anatomy scoop: What will happen to George and Callie? Please tell us Gizzie is officially dead.

Ausiello: Well, they're not officially dead, but it's certainly not looking good for the embattled lovebirds after they got eviscerated in a recent focus group. A source close to ABC tells says that George and Izzie polled 95 percent negative, leading one of the 200 participants to conclude that O'Mizzie will be dropped. I hereby take back all the bad stuff I've ever said about focus groups. I love focus groups. Focus groups are awesome.

Question: Got any scoop on Grey's Anatomy?

Ausiello: Two new interns will be introduced in the season premiere (three if you include Lexie Grey). And they'll have their hands full when a three-car accident sends multiple casualties pouring into Seattle Grace.

Grey's Anatomy Gossip: O'Mizzie Over?
Izzie, George

So what do you think about George and Izzie? Or Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) being a full-time fixture? Anything else you want to get off your chest? Speak your mind in our

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I am so pissed off at this stupid panel, I love Gizzie too ! If I ever see the show breaking those two, I swear I will stop wacthing cause you can't end their relationship, this is just the best thing ever happened to Georges. His marriage to Callie should end ASAP !! People who wanna stop Gizzie just wanna get rid of Georges, so may they just stop watching the show.


George and Izzy are sooo good together, not just because they are already good friends but because their relationship is a secret.
Secrets thrive, it makes the whole thing interesting, unlike mer&Mcdreamy who's relationship is getting a little stale and repetitive.
On top of everything i think that it doesnt matter what focus groups say, a lot of ppl think its a good idea, plus if u look back u can see little hints Shonda's got it set. i doubt she will go and ruin it all now.
Izzy and Georges relationship will shock ppl, thats clearly the intention. Its sooo sweet unlike georges rubbish marriage to Callie.
i say go "gizzie"!!!!


If they kill gizzie over some focus group I'm out. Thursdays will be all about College Football. I can find better things to watch then the misery of Meredith Grey. George and Izzie are the only two charecters on that show I really care enough to watch.


George and Izzie are good together because she cares more about him than Callie does although I don't want to see him leave Callie in the cold, either. After Burke's leaving, this was the one relationship I was looking forward to them holding on to but that is sad to here they'll be dropping that couple. Grey's is getting so lame and I don't think I'll even watch it this season.


Well, it's hard to see george and izzie together but it's gonna be harder to see george and lexy together...


I don't like Gizzie that much.. They are both wonderful actors, but I think they don't match. But I'm wondering: The storyline is based on what the fans think about Gizzie, but how does Shonda knows? She just reads forums? Or how does it work??




It's cute how Iz loves George, but they just don't match together! It's kinda unbelievable! Izzie should go back to Alex or..Mark?
Lexie must disappear.. MerDer are so cute together, they have such a good chemistry and no one else can replace that! There should happen something that would make them happy for a long time, happily ever after, and not for one episode..MERDER FOREVER!


Meredith is sooooo boring she, she lost whatever appeal she might have had because she whines all the time about nothing. I used to like Izzy but I hate what she is doing with the George Callie thing she being such a bitch. I mean she has had he great love of her life already and its people like her who creates such unpleasentness in the world!! I why do ppl hate callie so much she sooo nice and pretty!!! I love her and she should leave George he does not desrve her and go out with Sloan because he is HOT!!! Meredith is so over rated I am tired of her drama she does not want to be happy she should be named McAnnoyence for real - the only way I would still wtach this will be because of Beiley and Callie and see the fight for the chief of Residence thing and Christina ofcoz- otherwise can find other things to do with my time!!!


please don't break Meredith and Derek. they are amazing togetherrrrr!

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