New Grey's Anatomy Interns Revealed

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We've come across some inside scoop on the new Grey's Anatomy interns who will be descending upon Seattle Grace in Season Four.

Of course, we all know about Lexie Grey, played by Chyler Leigh (pictured, who will be a regular cast member this season). But what about the other new interns besides Lexie?

Beautiful Chyler Leigh

One new intern, Claire, is played by Tymberlee Chanel, who is a relatively unknown newcomber to television, with the exception of two guest roles on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this year and Numb3rs.

Graciella is played by Gloria Garayua. She comes to Grey's Anatomy following guest starring roles in Cold Case, the ill-received 3 Lbs., Strong Medicine, Joey, Six Feet Under and others.

Leo has had plenty of guest starring television roles as well, such as Dexter, That '70s Show, The X-Files and Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. But the actor who plays him is also a relative newcomer to the scene.

Interestingly, these aren't the interns who appeared briefly in the final episode of  last season! Those interns were played by Ajay Vidure, Candice Afia, Artie O'Daly and Joseph Williamson. No word yet if they will be showing up this season as well.

Sources are also reporting that one of the interns is going to try and pull a Cristina / Meredith and hook up with one of their attendings. Intriguing!

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I don't really see why we should trust the writers/directors/network - aren't they the ones that dumped Isaiah Washington, a central cast member with terrific chemistry? It's not as if he didn't pay (and pay, and pay) for his error in judgement. Idiots! I'm perfectly willing to give the new season a chance, but I didn't like Lexie in the last season and if she's there to stir things up, then I think I'll give it all a miss. Trust? You've got to be kidding!


i agree with claudia. we've just got 2 trust the producers. if any of u watch Lost they did the same with paolo & nikki - and because they were so awful the producers killed them off. they'll do the same if the interns r really that bad. the 1 thing id object 2 is if that attending is derek cos that would suck BIG TIME. and if they took up 2 much screen time. and im relly looking 4ward 2 a new chief as well - in fact i want him 2 b proper mean in contrast 2 the chief who's practically santa claus in scrubs. GREYS STILL ROCKS!!


omg,,i really dont care about this hew intern esp,,,lexie gray,,oh im sorry,,,but i still want merideth to be with derek,,oh common'


no. no no no no no. i hate the new interns.
you know, it's like how you hate freshman, whether you know them or not? well i hate the new interns.
and i'm not changing my mind. they had better still have the majority of the plot of the od cast, not the new. hgauig;hrwaj. i hate the new interns.


Wasn't this taken from spoilerbuzz? This was exactly the same as what was http://greys-anatomy.spoilerbu... except there it says it was exclusive to that site?


Wow. Maybe everybody could just chill out for about five seconds.
No, tv doesnt have to be "realistic". But if you have a show based on the lives of interns in a learning hospital, it would be beyond ridiculous not to bring in more when the others become doctors.
Chyler is the only new intern with a substantial role. The others are small parts.
And how cool will it be to see our damaged, dramatic and beautiful regulars interacting OCCASIONALLY with different people.
This is my favorite show. As a fan, I refuse to dog the people who have entertained me for years, before I even see what happens.


The new interns are important, because it has to feel realistic, not BE realistic. I hate Meredith´s family story line. I mean, too much drama, it´s just overkill. We get it, she has a crappy family, big deal! Last week I watched "Superstition"(season 2), and there was an indian doctor or technitian or whatever. Just for the record.
I think the new interns are important, and we cannot be this angry or annoyed before the season starts. I mean, how many of us HATED, really trully loathed Addison whe she showed up an introduced herself and became Satan? And how do most of us feel about Addison now?
I mean, we need to get a grip, we need to trust Shonda and co. to make this work. If they mess up, then we can send them all the way to hell and back. She said fun was coming back to SGH. I hope she means it, because more gloom and doom, and I´m out.


The new interns won't be the focus of the show. Grey's will still focus on the same characters that we love. It would be unrealistic if they didn't have new interns come in but they will have very minimal roles like Olivia the nurse except Lexie will be be a main cast member.


I expect the interns need to be added to the show, but I expect their roles to be limited. They will not be the focus of the show like Meredith, Cristina, George, Izzie and Alex were. I'd expect to see the new interns primarily as they interact with the existing main character, with the exception of Meredith's sister. Can't wait to see the new shows!

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