New Grey's Anatomy Interns Revealed

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We've come across some inside scoop on the new Grey's Anatomy interns who will be descending upon Seattle Grace in Season Four.

Of course, we all know about Lexie Grey, played by Chyler Leigh (pictured, who will be a regular cast member this season). But what about the other new interns besides Lexie?

Beautiful Chyler Leigh

One new intern, Claire, is played by Tymberlee Chanel, who is a relatively unknown newcomber to television, with the exception of two guest roles on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this year and Numb3rs.

Graciella is played by Gloria Garayua. She comes to Grey's Anatomy following guest starring roles in Cold Case, the ill-received 3 Lbs., Strong Medicine, Joey, Six Feet Under and others.

Leo has had plenty of guest starring television roles as well, such as Dexter, That '70s Show, The X-Files and Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. But the actor who plays him is also a relative newcomer to the scene.

Interestingly, these aren't the interns who appeared briefly in the final episode of  last season! Those interns were played by Ajay Vidure, Candice Afia, Artie O'Daly and Joseph Williamson. No word yet if they will be showing up this season as well.

Sources are also reporting that one of the interns is going to try and pull a Cristina / Meredith and hook up with one of their attendings. Intriguing!

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well, i care.
and im interested to see what these new interns bring to grey's.


Ok, we all know that even with the new interns that will not take the focus off the original cast. New blood is good, but really all we care about is MERDER and will they find there way back to each other. I can not and will not accept Dereck with someone else or Mer for that matter. Last episode was shown in Austarlia on Sunday night and must admit i was not happy on the way DERMER left the relationship.....really that is not a good note... leave us wondering and hoping that in the new series that they make there way back.....hope so


Nobody cares about the new interns. We just want to see the regular cast, including Burktina, MerDer, & Addison!


Adding new characters does suck, I mean because with the ones we have now...screentime isn't distributed evenly...what are we going to do with the new characters, because they're going to probably take up screentime.


I know change has to come for the show to grow. My problem is I'm to attached to the original 5 interns and Bailey being their resident. I have also had enough of Meredith's family to last me a good long while.


Ugh. I don't care about the new interns, I want more of the regular cast. Another intern/attending? Come on. I'm thinking they've run out of ideas.


To tell you the truth, I care about all news about grey's whatever news it may be. I find it weird you would introduce us to interns at the end of season 3 but not carry them over into 4....esp because i was happy to see an Indian among the intern clan. I think SGH is the only hospital in the world that doesn't have any indians working there lol.


it's tv it doesent hav to be realistic and your all right NO-ONE CARES


There has to be some new interns, or else it wouldn't be realistic!


i'm actually kind of curious if the attending one of the new interns tries to hook up with is erica hahn. i think that would be so funny!! dr. hahn is a powerhouse (like dr. burke) and i think any relationship possibilities that happen there would be really interesting to watch.

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