All My Children Update: Alexa Havins Out, Amanda Baker In

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All My Children has confirmed the exit of Alexa Havins, who joined the show as Babe Carey in October 2003.

Her final air date will be October 8, the same day the actress All My Children has hired to replace her — Amanda Baker (Jolene on General Hospita: Night Shift, pictured) — will make her debut.

Explains a show rep, "[Havins's] Babe will hug Krystal and when they separate from the hug, it will be Amanda Baker [in] the role."

Amanda Baker Image
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i hate that Babe (Alexa) was changed...
i am so annoyed with the "new" babe...
they really just need to bring back Alexa because i just can't stand seeing this new girl.


I wish Alexa lots of luck, because she is a phenomenal actress. All of my life, I have watched AMC off and on, but it wasn't until Alexa Havins had extended scenes that I became addicted to the show. Get her back, and give her some witty lines as Michael Knight does. Soap fans like a comedic breather to wash down the drama.


I am so upset Alexa Havins left AMC! I missed a few episodes and wondered what happenend to her. Not until I started researching today did I find out. I am not surprised since Justin left just months before. I wish them both all the best and hope that they find new success in all future endeavors but they are sorely missed! I really wish they would've had her character leave to be with Jamie in Africa but I guess that would pose problems for Little Adam since JR is in trouble again. I am sorry but I just don't like Amanda as Babe. She looks and acts nothing like her and something about her face is just unappealing to me. She is very dry, too serious and unlikeable. Her voice is monotone at times. I don't think she has the acting chops to carry out this role. The southern accent, sweetness and vulnerability that Alexa portrayed as Babe is gone. There is no chemistry between her and Kristal or JR. I find it very painful to watch her scenes and am turned off by her acting. Babe was my "new" favorite on AMC. I hope maybe one day she can return. Anything is possible in soap world! And I agree the transition was terrible! They should've made the typical announcement stating that Babe will now be played by......It's as if she was possessed, lol and took on a new face and body! If the story lines don't improve I may stop watching the show all together. That will be a shame too because I have watched this show with my mom ever since I was born and I will 30 on Saturday. I have found it very boring within the last couple of weeks, even with Greenlee and Zach going missing.


I can't stand the "new" Babe. She sucks ! I dont even want to watch the show anymore. Alexa Havins was the one and only person who played Babe so well. The new actress really doesn't make her all that realistic as Alexa Havins did.


I have been watching All my Children for over 24 years. Since I was 12 years old. Alexa had become one of my most favorite actors. I have to say I have been disappointed in the show lately. THis is the least Iv'e ever watched since I was 12.


It was difficult until the last couple of weeks to get used to the new Greenlee [Sabine Singh]. But it happened for me when I saw her vulnerable side [especially playing opposite Aidan]. So I think it is possible to embrace the replacements.
Ms. Singh is doing a wonderful job filling Rebecca Budigs' shoes. However, I may not recover from the loss of Alexa Havins as Babe. I understand Alexa needs to move on; it is very admirable and I respect her for it. But in my eyes she was "IT" as Babe. When I became smitten with her character, I knew there would be trouble when it came time for her to leave. I also feel that loss each time Eden Riegel leaves. If it were not for these wonderful, beautiful actresses I probably would not be so loyal to the soap. Anyway, "Babe's" replacement does not hold a candle to Alexa Havins; not even close. Maybe she will prove me wrong, but my first impression is that she is not as genuine and believable as Alexa playing Babe. As a matter of fact, I do not look forward to seeing the replacement in a scene because she ruins it for me. Sorry! I still wish her the best. And for sure I wish Alexa the very best! You are the best Alexa! I look forward to seeing you in your future successes.


The new girl playing Babe sucks in comparison! Alexa Havins was that character! No one else can play her! I won't want it just because she's gone! I just can't, its not the same show now


I will really miss Alexa Havins. It will be real hard for me to get use to seeing Amanda playing the role of Babe.
The show will not be the same with out Alexa.


I can't get over either the new "greenlea" (I found the old one annoying,yes the new one is too) or the replacement. I just don't like the new "greenlea" or the change in Babe. I don't want to even watch the new Babe I find myself walking out of the room. I prefer the Older actors anyway so maybe. If the two substitutes are in much fewer scenes I will continue to watch. Otherwise I feel my attention wandering!


I want to know why she is leaving? I hate it when they change characters. Especially when they can't hold a candle to the original.

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