Round Table: "Let the Truth Sting"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character and story line, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff members come together each week to share their favorite moments, thoughts and opinions regarding the latest episode.

Round Table discussion topics for "Let the Truth Sting" range from Cristina's fragile emotional state, to George's confession and newcomer Lexie ...

1. Deepest cut of the night: Mark and Richard on that lady's tongue, Alex outing George in the elevator, or Bailey from all story lines?

McCritic: I thought Isaiah Washington outed George already. But seriously, folks, gotta go with Alex. I know he has a hard edge, but I'd hoped the guy had matured. That was being mean for the fun of it, the opposite of what Bailey had just instructed.

iheartizzie: The tongue. They took out, what, 60 percent? That's more than the percentage of George's manhood Alex stripped away with that verbal swipe.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Not sure I understand the question, but I would like to see new Bailey stories. Throughout Season 3 and this year, she's just sort of there. Stuck being Bailey. She's still awesome, but spice it up a little, writers.

2. Do you like Lexie Grey?

iheartizzie: I like Lexie. Sure, she's hung up on Meredith, but wouldn't you be? Plus, the girl's mom just died and she's brand new. Let her get her bearings and soon enough, effervescent Lexie will Grace Seattle with her presence each week.

McCritic: Kind of. She's better looking than Meredith, but seems equally self- absorbed. It's fine to have family issues, Lexie, but try to remain professional inside the ER at least.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Undecided. Too soon to tell. I'm still willing to give her a chance, so long as she doesn't get romantically involved with Derek.

Sexy Lexie

3. When will Cristina really get over Burke?

AndYouveGotTheHair: I'm not sure there will be a clearly defined moment. It could happen when she's got a new love interest, or just fade gradually. I don't blame her, though. That was quite an ordeal... and I miss Burke, too!

McCritic: We'll never know. That icy exterior is too hard to read.

iheartizzie: Two words: Open heart surgery.

4. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote of the episode?

McCritic: "Just say it," Calliope Torres. The sad, exhausted pleading from Callie at the end of the hour pretty much summed up how I've felt about the George / Izzie affair for months now. Say it, end it, let's move on, people.

iheartizzie: Cristina Yang, sarcastically mocking Alex (who had been mocking her): "I'm not pretending. I'm sad. I'm very sad. Me so sad!" Priceless.

AndYouveGotTheHair: There were a lot of good quotes this week. I liked Meredith's closing narrative as well as Izzie's goodbye to Really Old Guy. Both spoke volumes as to what these characters are going through.

Sad Eyes
She's Rich!

5. Looking ahead to this Thursday's new episode, "The Heart of the Matter," give us your odds on the impending Izzie-Callie fight.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Hmm. This would be a tough one, but I think someone will intervene at the last minute and they won't actually come to blows.

McCritic: Izzie -380 (bet $380 to win $100). Callie has the size and reach advantage over the home-wrecking blonde. But Izzie is insane. Downright loony. Never underestimate the power of emotion in a fight.

iheartizzie: Callie -150. Trailer park schmailer park. Hell hath no fury like a woman with huge arms. Or one who is scorned. Izzie goes down in Round 3.

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i love alex and izzzie. Make them a couple. Lexie sucks.


i want izzie and alex together. i think alex really likes izzie and understands her. it will be so good to see them together. george should go back to callie and make up with her.
meredith and derek should get themselves together and remain a couple.
Lexie should stay out of mcdreamy's life. What is happening to sloan?


I bet they make izzie come up pregnant from her and George's steamy drunken sexfest! Im puttin my money in now!


I bet that they won't even really fight-something will happen that will break it up. However, if they did fight, it would be a good match but I think that Callie would come out ahead. As for Lexie-she is really starting to annoy me! She needs to leave Meredith alone and stop making such a big deal out of everything!
I definitely do not like Alex anymore after what he did to George! That was so rude and unnecessary-he is just mad because George did the open-heart surgery in the elevator and seems to be better than him at everything! But I feel sorry for George!


I hope Callie beats her ass!! I can't stand Izzie because she is too poor me!! I mean have some freaking back bone for yourself! I think Callie is just as pretty and she's not fat!! Don't hate izzielova because even if you think she's fat I'm sure she is still way prettier than you!!!! =P I'm on Callie's side and if I was her I wouldn't even waste my time with George because he isn't man enough for her anyway!!! I love this show and it keeps getting better and better!!!


please DON'T make lexie and alex a couple!! just thinking about them together makes me want to puke.. alex and ava are meant to be together... ausiello said she is coming back within the next two episodes and since alex's whole thing with george in the elevator (which was rude) lexie won't go anywhere near alex because she thinks hes mean! so i know im like the only person who ever talks about ava and alex but whatever shes coming back they're getting together lexie can go die end of story


That comment on George and Isaah was disgusting, shame on you


I love Lexie and Alex. Please make them a couple!!!!!!


I love Lexie and Alex. Please make them a couple!!!!!!

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