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Charlie, the truth is you were a bastard. You were, you were mean and stubborn and just a bastard. But you were a bastard who knew what you wanted and you stuck to your guns and you proved that if you want something badly enough, if you're determined enough and appreciative enough eventually it will happen. It will, that gives me hope so thanks for that. Good bye, Charlie.


He didn't fart much.


George! It's really old guy! We could bring a marching band in here and he wouldn't know the difference!




George: Did you know how to do the procedure?
Richard: Are you saying that we're too old to learn the new ways, O'Malley?
George: No.
Richard: Are you saying we're old dogs who can't learn the tricks?
George: No. I just...
Mark: We're not old dogs.
Webber: We still got it.

Meredith: I will take the ER and your interns.
Cristina: Are you sure?
Meredith: Take the surgery. Makes you feel better and you start to regain strength. [leaves]
Alex: I saw the whole thing, Yang. You can stop pretending.
Cristina: Oh I'm not pretending. I'm sad. I'm very sad. Me so sad!
Alex: Yes, you tried.
Cristina: Hey, forget it. Sad is mine. Go, find your own pretend-emotion.

Meredith: Cristina, are we gonna talk about this? The Burke thing?
Cristina: I'm not Izzie. I'm not gonna lie on the bathroom floor all day. I'm gonna lie here. On the counter.

I'm stuck in the pit with this know-nothing interns. You'd think eventually I'd catch a break.


Mark: Ever feel like you're gettin' old?
Derek: Meredith isn't telling Cristina about us. She tells Cristina everything.
Mark: I thought you broke that off!
Derek: I meant to.
Mark: You think she's gonna wanna get back together. You think she's gonna grow up, and get all whole, and want a relationship.
Derek: I do not.
Mark: [smiles] You're a bad liar.
Derek: [smiles] You're old.
Mark: I'm just getting started my friend.

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