Round Table: "Kung Fu Fighting"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to share their favorite moments and opinions regarding the most recent episode of TV's best drama.

Round Table topics for "Kung Fu Fighting" range from the arrival of Dr. Erica Hahn to Alex and Ava, Bailey's personal life and new hospital club ideas ...

1. Why does Meredith care that Lexie slept with Alex?

McCritic: In the big picture, Meredith couldn't care less. In that moment? She's upset because Alex was one person she hadn't whined to all episode and she was disappointed to see he was busy doing her pseudo sister.

iheartizzie: I don't think she really does, at least she shouldn't. But it threw her for a loop at a time when Meredith is trying to figure out who she is, and whether she can make herself go after what she really needs in life - Derek.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Because her turf is being invaded? Alex, that is? First, Lexie was the girl from the bar. Now she's the girl sleeping with her friend. Even if they have gotten to know each other a little (Mer & Lexie) this can't sit well.

Karev and Stevens

2. Izzie's pre-coital tears: A sign of extreme tiredness, or long-term problems for Gizzie?

iheartizzie: I'm sure fatigue played a role, but considering George and Izzie have only slept together once (drunkenly), this isn't a good indicator. Maybe Gizzie is meant to be, but this relationship doesn't exactly have a solid foundation now.

McCritic: Can't it be both? If Izzie can't have sex because she was in surgery all day, well, that doesn't bode well if you're trying to date a surgeon.

AndYouveGotTheHair: I don't know. She's probably nervous, but also tired. I can't imagine being on my feet that long, or doing a 36-hour shift or whatever.

3. Is Ava seriously gone? Seriously?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Seriously, she so is. Sigh.

McCritic: No. She'll be back once Karev shaves off that facial hair.

iheartizzie: After all they went through together last season, and then everything she said to him last week - not to mention appearing on the cover of TV Guide and generating all that hype? Ava can't be gone for good, can she? This Grey's Anatomy Insider says (and certainly hopes) not. I prefer Alva to Alexie.

4. Who will sleep together first: Callie and Mark? Or Richard and Dr. Hahn?

McCritic: Callie and Mark. They've already done the deed, for one thing. And Callie needs a strong guy to go toe-to-toe, and private part to private part, with her. Mark Sloan is that man.

iheartizzie: Gotta go with Callie and Mark. First of all, they already hooked up, so a second round isn't far-fetched. And after lambasting Cristina for her relationship with Burke, Erica Hahn sleeping with Richard would be a tad hypocritical.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Can we go with Mark Sloan and Dr. Hahn? Something about these doctors' personalities makes me think they would make a great couple.

Mark Pines For Addy

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oh! AND, I hope lexi & mcdreamy get 2gether! i'm about sick of meredith being wishy-washy! lexi is nice & deserves him!


Dr. Hahn is gonna hook up w/Issie =)


Sooo.. last epi was great... as for everyone who misses callie and george (i dont im a gizzie fan, but for those who do)... remember how they tried to have a baby. well they never really said if callie was pregnant or not soooo maybe once george and izzie really settle down and fall in love the writers will swoop in and crush it (for dramatic purposes and for ratings) with callie being pregnant. And sloan is supposed to fall for another doctor and i think callie is the obvious doctor (since he was so nice to her by being mean to george) so she might start liking him and find out she is pregnant and he might step up and be the man she needs and george will see this and get jealous or something.... just a thought hope it helps!


correction to my comment above, it should say ... i can't WAIT for it 2 b over... Grey's rules!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!


okay, so all i have to say about this category of whether it will be callie and sloan or richard and hahn, i say NEITHER!!!!! it will obviously be sloan and hahn, i can just see from the way that the 2 act, they are going to be getting each other in the on-call room pretty soon!!! :) :) :) oh, and as 4 the writers strike, like i said b4 i can't for it 2 b over so that they can get back 2 writing the Grey's episodes we all know and love!!! :) Grey's rules!!! SERIOUSLY!!!


I just saw this article/interview about the writers strike from ET/Patrick Dempsey! I sure hope all of these people can come to some type of understanding so GA season will not be over by the end of December! That would be horrible!


firstly...i would like to say, this episode was amazingly good!! loved it so much...maybe it was also due to the fact tht it was a lil longer. hehe. but anyways, still liked the lightness it brought and still retained some drama. George was hilarious in this one...i missed his funny self.and i this ep he really showed both sides, the funny George and the Serious in love George. :)
the scene when he had to hold the bridal dress for so so long was nice to watch. can't help but enjoy seeing him handle torture or being pushed around. love him and Izzie together btw!! i dunno who wouldn't think they make a great and awesome couple?!
They are more like a LOVE story and any other r/s in Greys anatomy!! its written in a way where they are so comforted and close/intimate with one another even sex isn't needed for their bond!! it is not based on just Sex which i LOve!! Gizzie is special and different...ppl should see tht and stop bashing them as a couple.
The way she looks at him when he sleeps, and the way they get each other no matter what. always warms my heart... :D George was so cute when he was talking half awake, and when he said izzie was "Hardcore" with his facial expressions. priceless!
i cannot emphasize how much i want them to work out very well!! they are clearly in love...
and as for izzie not sleepin with george YET, she will. trust me. she was freakin tired ppl..! standing up for 6 hours in surgery isn't easy. and i guess she just wanted it to be Perfect!! and she waited and didn't rush things!! which i find so adorable and understanding...both of em, don't depend on Sex to make the r/s work, they love each other n george just holds her in his arms to sleep which was incredibly romantic n sweet!! c'mon who can deny their chemistry??!


yuck. Izzie and George make my feel sickly watching them play cutsie pie and talking about hot sex made me squeam. It's not right there to close of friends to be having sex. if they have a hugh make-out scene i will change the channel!!
i wish Callie & George would somehow relaise they miss what they used to have.
SERIOUSLY callie is the HOT SEXY DIRTY GIRL :) p.s Christina is just not the same without burke :(


I just have to say I absolutely love Derek and Mark. I love that Derek doesn't despise Mark anymore. I enjoy Derek-Mark scenes the most!


Believe me, the too tired to sleep with the guy you love is realistic, I am speaking from personal experience. The wanting your first time to be so special you make a huge deal, freak out and ruin it, that happens too. Then you realize things don

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