Round Table: "Kung Fu Fighting"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to share their favorite moments and opinions regarding the most recent episode of TV's best drama.

Round Table topics for "Kung Fu Fighting" range from the arrival of Dr. Erica Hahn to Alex and Ava, Bailey's personal life and new hospital club ideas ...

1. Why does Meredith care that Lexie slept with Alex?

McCritic: In the big picture, Meredith couldn't care less. In that moment? She's upset because Alex was one person she hadn't whined to all episode and she was disappointed to see he was busy doing her pseudo sister.

iheartizzie: I don't think she really does, at least she shouldn't. But it threw her for a loop at a time when Meredith is trying to figure out who she is, and whether she can make herself go after what she really needs in life - Derek.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Because her turf is being invaded? Alex, that is? First, Lexie was the girl from the bar. Now she's the girl sleeping with her friend. Even if they have gotten to know each other a little (Mer & Lexie) this can't sit well.

Karev and Stevens

2. Izzie's pre-coital tears: A sign of extreme tiredness, or long-term problems for Gizzie?

iheartizzie: I'm sure fatigue played a role, but considering George and Izzie have only slept together once (drunkenly), this isn't a good indicator. Maybe Gizzie is meant to be, but this relationship doesn't exactly have a solid foundation now.

McCritic: Can't it be both? If Izzie can't have sex because she was in surgery all day, well, that doesn't bode well if you're trying to date a surgeon.

AndYouveGotTheHair: I don't know. She's probably nervous, but also tired. I can't imagine being on my feet that long, or doing a 36-hour shift or whatever.

3. Is Ava seriously gone? Seriously?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Seriously, she so is. Sigh.

McCritic: No. She'll be back once Karev shaves off that facial hair.

iheartizzie: After all they went through together last season, and then everything she said to him last week - not to mention appearing on the cover of TV Guide and generating all that hype? Ava can't be gone for good, can she? This Grey's Anatomy Insider says (and certainly hopes) not. I prefer Alva to Alexie.

4. Who will sleep together first: Callie and Mark? Or Richard and Dr. Hahn?

McCritic: Callie and Mark. They've already done the deed, for one thing. And Callie needs a strong guy to go toe-to-toe, and private part to private part, with her. Mark Sloan is that man.

iheartizzie: Gotta go with Callie and Mark. First of all, they already hooked up, so a second round isn't far-fetched. And after lambasting Cristina for her relationship with Burke, Erica Hahn sleeping with Richard would be a tad hypocritical.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Can we go with Mark Sloan and Dr. Hahn? Something about these doctors' personalities makes me think they would make a great couple.

Mark Pines For Addy

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I think Izzie is putting too much pressure into having the perfect night of sex. I think she loves George but hates how they started and she wants to wipe the slate clean and have this beautiful, perfect night of love to make up for it. But what happens when you do that is things never never work out, so I can see them having a couple of bad sexual experiences next week. That is until Izzie realizes George does not want perfect sex and just wants to be with her and she finally stops trying so hard. After that, I think they will have great sex. Those two are in love and everything I see on my screen shows. They do not look at each other like friends, when they were smiling at each other on that bench two episodes ago, that was pure love. Noone makes Izzie smile like George does, he makes her light up from inside, and noone makes george as happy as Izzie does. Shonda has given us Gizzie fans all those beautiful loving scenes and if she makes them just friends now, it will be so ridiculous.


I think pairing George and Izzie was the best move these writers came up with in a long, long time. They are the only couple who feels real and in love, and this episode proved it, they have a deeper emotional connection than any other couple on this show.


To me, George and Izzie looked more a couple than ever this episode. Being a couple doesn't mean banging each other all the time, it means being able to hold each other all night and being there for each other when you are too exhausted to want to do it. I am a doctor and believe me, surgery is exhausting, both emotionally and physically, and some days you are just not in the mood to do it. If you are lucky, like I am and Izzie is, you find a guy who can understand this. Anyone else notice all the other couples are jumping in bed and not lasting that long? Right now, Gizzie are the only couple really written as a couple and as a love story. The others are written as sex. And Alex and Izzie have to be together because they are both too messed up to be imposed on thers? Bwaa haa. That is the funniest excuse for them being together I ever heard. Care to remember that Izzie was NEVER in love with Alex at all, he was sex to her, and remember what that did to Alex? Making bets on when Denny would die, taking pleasure when Denny was in pain. You think that is what a relationship should turn a guy into? Because I don't. I might hate Alex but noone deserves to be some sexual healing tool for someone while he sends all the love her way. He needs someone who will love him and Izzie will never be that, and Izzie has never looked at him with the same love she looks at George, or smiled at him like she smiled at George when he called her hardcore. Why would you want that for Alex?


Izzie cried because she was so tired and couldn't give her guy the special night she wanted to give him. When you love someone so much, you want it to be perfect. This is not Alex who she just wanted to shag and didn't love. Has Izzie ever slept with a guy she loved because she and Denny didn't do it, and Hank and Alex were mostly great sex. So now that she actually has to sleep with someone she is in love with, and sober this time, it builds the pressure way up. George didn't seem relieved to me at all, he seemed disappointed, he really wanted to do it, but like the great guy that he is, he respected her and was there for her. Believe me, not all guys are that understanding when this happens and it does a lot and it has nothing to do with not loving or wanting the person.


I totally agree with you. Hopefully Meredith and Derek will share more than a physical connection from now on. I seriously LOVED the scene in the callroom. Cristina should stop beeing so negative, she should encourage Meredith to make a commitment to Derek. I hope that they get together for sure. Loved that Dr. Hahn asked if Mark and Derek were a couple! Way to go!!!


Kathy i adree with everything that you´s said. I finnally got to see the ep & i LOVED IT. My favourite scenes were of the Mer/Der No.1 & No. 2 the scene with Derek & the Cheif outside Derek´s trailer. & No.3 Derek and mark trying to figure out what exactly gentelmens evening entails.
I hate to say it but i´m really starting to like McSteamy but i SERIOUSLY LOVE McDreamy.


ava ava ava ava ava ava ava ava ava ava ava ava ava
please dont let her be gone for good lexie and alex stink together


Kathy I couldn´t have said it better. As english is not my first language I have difficulties to find the right words about my feellings about MerDer. But your thoughts are exactly what I think at the moment about this two people. I love that we finally see some little steps from Meredith in the right direction. And I love that Derek honesty about his feelings about her are finally heard by Meredith and she is willing to work on her problems. The scene between George and Izzie is also bittersweet and I thought that they both were relieved that they don´t have to make sex but rather to only sleep together and give each other the support they need. I believe that they soon realise that they stay better friends or soulmates instead of beeing a couple.


I actually loved George and Izzie together last night.. All the other relationships in this show seem to be about sex, and those two also have this great emotional connection.. So even if George was disappointed at the end of the episode, I think he realized that they just need to be together.. and their last scene was too sweet. Hope Izzie stops building up pressure next episode, and they will get together.. Maybe George has to lock them in an on-call room or something like that ;)


I love Alex & Lexie, but..
Hey, itsnt it to fast?
LoOOove them, but i dont want to see Lexie get hurt
ALexie ALexie ALexie

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