Breaking All My Children News: Sabine Singh Out, Rebecca Budig In

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Soap Opera Weekly is reporting that two-time Daytime Emmy nominee Rebecca Budig is returning to the role of Greenlee on All My Children.

She'll be taking the place of Sabine Singh.

Budig originated the role in 1999. She left All My Children in 2005 in order to pursue other interests. Guiding Light fans are also familiar with the actress during her time as Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light.

Singh, meanwhile, joined All My Children earlier this year and never caught on with fans.

Rebecca Budig Still

The return of Budig is consistent with the show's new approach of brining back fan favorites. As previously reported, Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan are returning to the series, as well.

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I miss Sabine- RB just doesn't do it for me. As many others said, Sabine added a depth and new life to the character, and to the show.
I think I'm done with AMC... boring and trite.


Sabine, I'm supporting you, I love you, you're the best, I truly miss you at AMC as Greenlee, by the way, i love your website, Stay well and happy, Sabine you're beautiful, love 2 u!_Lori


I say Sabine is better, because she knows how to act a lot better than Rebecca, sorry, I like you RB but Sabine is a 100 percent better in playing Greenlee, she made the part hers and it was taken from her, those damn producers go firing her and replacing her just what, 8 months after she just started, get real, my god, if it was up to me Sabine would still be at AMC playing Greenlee, Oh! just to let you know who was in the pic you posted, it was neither Sabine or Rebecca,it was Gina Togoni(i hope i spelled her last name right), from Guiding Light Good Luck Sabine, best wishes to you.


I disagree Rebecca Budig is not disgusting, no she is not, she is a very nice and decent actress. But don't go gettin' me wrong As Greenlee, Sabine Singh is thumbs-up no doubt, Sabine is so pretty, lovely, and beautiful,she is my favorite Greenlee and I absolutely adore her, Sabine, I support you, just want you to know that in whatever you do. Sabine, honey, the best of luck in what ever you're doing, luv 'ya, your big, & huge fan, lori


i really liked Sabine, i thought she did a really good job, i hate to see her go. i think that Sabine did a 100% better job at playing the part of Greenlee than the new babe does. i wish we could keep Sabine and get rid of that new babe.


I thought Sabine took the "old" part well==even better,
Hope she had a contract nd sued!!!!!!!!!


I am sad to see SS leave.. not cool at all.. She made that role her own.. when RB left.. RB is not the real greenlee.. she is the original greenlee.. and I too was offended by that gimmick. all faith in SS she will land on her feet :)


I have to agree with everyone else. The way they let Sabine go was just not right. She had it hard to play the part, she did bring new life to the character as well as to AMC. Now, to just let her go and bring back Rebecca is just unfair. I agree with the post above "The Real Greenlee Returns” is pathetic, a HUGE insult to Sabine and all the hard work she has done for AMC. AMC will get their’s though when Rebecca decides to up and leave again. Another soap will be lucky to pick up Sabine and I will follow her!" Nicely said. I hope Rebecca ends up not being able to 'step into' the role Sabina created as 'Greenle'


OMG I just found out that Rebecca is coming back. Now, I was one of the many who sooked and wined when Rebecca left and hated the "new"Greenlee, but here i am again.... I was just starting to look forward to seeing sabine in the role. They have started giving her role life and body and some depth. I am looking forward to seeing rebecca back because I did miss her on the show but I wish that AMC would just make up their mind already.


I liked both actresses and I think there was a much better way to handle the return of RB than characterizing her as "the real" greenlee. Sabine Singh had to grow on me, but she eventually won me over. I know there was a lot of backlash when she first came on the show, but I think she proved herself--and yes, the writing was horrendous. SS deserved a better send off. Shame on AMC/ABC

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