Breaking All My Children News: Sabine Singh Out, Rebecca Budig In

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Soap Opera Weekly is reporting that two-time Daytime Emmy nominee Rebecca Budig is returning to the role of Greenlee on All My Children.

She'll be taking the place of Sabine Singh.

Budig originated the role in 1999. She left All My Children in 2005 in order to pursue other interests. Guiding Light fans are also familiar with the actress during her time as Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light.

Singh, meanwhile, joined All My Children earlier this year and never caught on with fans.

Rebecca Budig Still

The return of Budig is consistent with the show's new approach of brining back fan favorites. As previously reported, Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan are returning to the series, as well.

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That picture is actually the actress that previously played Kelly on One Life To Live. Her name is Gina Tognoni. I have no idea why her picture would be here.


I really am upset and saddened that this show has the lack of heart to do this to Sabine. She has brought new life to the show, and her romance was just so cute to watch with Aiden, and now her bond with Slater will be ruined too, because it matters when you have such a strong heartfelt trial, like being lost together in a bomb shelter, and yet now to replace her with Rebecca is just mean and ruins these possible story lines, It is just not right to do.


Have (had) switched to AMC, since that young woman Sabine Singh joined the cast! Usto watch but the story lines and characters got BORING! That young woman brought new life to the show! Yes I liked R.B. but so predicitable!! Oh well won't be an AMC fan anymore! Good luck to both young stars though!
Peace and Love,


first of all i am really upset about budig coming back, i liked sabine so much better...second of all the person in the pic is a mistake i think because it is of gina tognoni who plays dinah on guiding light...check out imdb and you will see that for sure


That is Sabine in the photo - look at the eyes and the bone structure!


WHO told YOU RB asked for her job back..?? Get your facts straight... the PTB contacted HER and asked her back, they've been in talks since before Thanksgiving!


RB is disgusting. She chose to quit the show 2 years ago. Now she decides to come crawling back. SHE's the one who asked for her old job back, knowing full well, it would mean Sabine getting fired. That's lower than low IMO.


and who is that a photo of...?


Who in the heck is that a photo of?? You run a story of disgusting Rebecca Budig coming back to "AMC", and poor Sabine getting the boot, yet you post a photo of someone else??? LMAO!! Whoever posted that needs the boot.


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