Friend of Sabine Singh Says Actress is Devasted by All My Children Firing

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Someone claiming to be a close friend of Sabine Singh's has posted a long message on the Sabine Singh Fan Space.

Here's what "palolive75" had to say about the actress' dismissal from All My Children:


hi. im new to the board but have been reading it for months now as ss is one of my oldest dearest friends from home. I also hope she does not get angry at me for writing today and speaking HER TRUTH. She is DEVASTATED but is doing everything she can to hide it and continue to honor and respect the show, the fans, and her friends at amc.

She was given the news this week and basically, i kid you not, given less than a week to "quietly get out".

regardless of if you like her or hate her, as a close member in her life i can tell you she has spent the past 10 months of her life giving amc everything.

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I loved watching Sabine Singh's last air date it was a wednesday, i thought she did a great job making the role of Greenlee hers, I am missing Sabine Singh as Greenlee so much, I love her alot, I am a big fan of hers and warmed to her instantly playing Greenlee Smythe, the scenes she did with Kendall & Ryan's Baby boy, Spike were so touching and loving, I loved watching her hold the baby, Rebecca Budig is fine as Greenlee, but Sabine Singh is #1 no matter what, she is the true and real Greenlee because she can act, good luck to Sabine in whatever she does next, please keep me posted, thanks!


I just watched Wednesdays episode of All My Children. I believe Rebecca is a great actress and remember how I hated it when she left. The recast of Sabine has been wonderful. She has added a new character to Greenlee. Someone with feeling. She has such chemistry with Aiden. I do not believe she will pull off the friendship with Kendall and the love interest with Aiden the way Sabine did.
As an actress myself, I wish Sabine the best. She did a great job, and the show is not the same without her. It is obvious with the return Wednesday that she is the real Greenlee.


i'm so glad theres others on here that feel the way i do.amc is cruel for firing sabine and bringing back rebecca.and rebecca is NOT the real greenlee.she dont own that role.shes a paid actress hired to play the character of greenlee smythe.sabine brought a newness and a pure goodness to greenlee that rebecca couldnt in a million years.rebecca was vicious in her portrayal of greenlee.i think thats why the fans like her so much.they're used to seeing greenlee be a troublemaking scheming little witch,just like they are with kendall.people like the ''bad girl.''
its very,very sad.just as sabine made something truly good out of the character of greenlee,miss-high-and-mighty rebecca has to come back and ruin everything.its just about money and ratings.rebecca brought more ratings they fire sabine and bring rebecca,i'm sure rb didnt have much luck in she comes back to where she came from.sabine,on the other hand,i hope she finds the success and happiness that rebecca hoped to find in la.rebecca can go back to new york and play on amc.sabine might be headed for her greatest success ever.good luck,sabine.and go to la,and show amc and rebecca that they cant keep you down.because you're headed for the success that rebecca dreamed're a way,way better actress than rb is or could ever be.and you will go on to succeed.your best days are ahead of you.someday,you might be nominated for an academy award.that'll show amc and rebecca for stealing your made a truly unforgettable impact on the viewers as your portrayal of really helped to move her in a new and positive take that same incredible,unconquerable talent of yours,and go take hollywood by storm.amc couldnt keep you.because you were meant for so much better than they could ever give you.much,much success and happiness for you.your best days are up ahead.


First of all, Greenlee can not be REAL nor FAKE...she is a CHARACTER! This whole REAL Greenlee campaign is really ticking me off... Ok, so say the "Original Greenlee" for gramatical sense...but good lord! What a slap in the face to Sabine! She came in to AMC when it started to go down the drain. She was written to be a monster of a character and honestly, I can not see Rebecca Budig being able to have pulled that off... Now they wrote the storyline back to the days of old..and poof, Rebecca is back to steal Sabines fire. When SS played Greenlee,she put her heart and soul into it, and it showed. I think it is horrible that AMC has been promoting the REAL greenlee crap, having all the actors gush about how happy they are that the real greenlee is back, but not ONE...ONE ad or commercial with the cast saying Sorry to see you go Sabine...or Good's sickening. Regardless of who you think was a better Greenlee, it is distasteful and disrespectful what AMC has done, and I really have no desire to TIVO the show tomorrow. I've been watching this show for 20+ years, and never have been so disgusted...


I loved Sabine as Greenlee, she should get an award for her tender portrayal, she really brought new life to the role. I wish AMC would keep her, even if she played another part, she has great ability to transform herself!


I never watched AMC when RB was on.. I do recall her character, but I don't recall her. I think it was horrible what they did to SS and I really think that Sabine is a great actress. I really hate to see her go. I think Sabine did a great job of playing Greenlee and it was right for ABC to market RB as "the real Greenlee". I hope she finds a home on another soap asap.


I have been watching AMC for more years than I care to admit to. Like the other comments here I was slow to warm to Sabine but now I do feel sorry to see her to loose this role. It is obvious that she has worked hard to fill Rebecca's shoes but that is what she was doing trying to fill someone elses shoes. I hope ABC recognizes the talent they have here and are quick to recast her in a role that can spotlight her own persona. Good Luck to Sabine in all her future roles. Oh yes and like so many others voicing their opinions here...the new Babe sucks.


I am a huge fan of yours, and I am so sad to see you leave "All My Children." I have watched the show for many, many years, and you really have been one of my favorite actresses. I know you will get any role that you try for, and I will be a faithful fan and watch you whereever you go next!
Kristi Wilson (Portland, OR)


Hi Sabine, I think that you have taken over the role of Greenlee effortlessly and you have truly been a joy to watch. You are an excellent actress. I knew the role when portrayed by RB, but I thought you gave it new life and character and made it your own. I was dissapointed to see advertisements annoucing your replacement. I thought why would they replace her she is doing an excellent job. YOU WERE GREAT IN THIS had some difficult scenes in these past few months and you acted your little heart deserve to stay. Best of luck to you and I hope to see you in a very successful show or series. It's AMC loss...Sandra in Newburgh, NY

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