Round Table: "Lay Your Hands On Me"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about the key moments and share their opinions regarding the latest episode of our favorite drama.

Round Table topics for "Lay Your Hands On Me" include the future of Bailey's marriage, some new roommates, some old lovers, and a huge breakup ...

1. Is Cristina a robot?

McCritic: No more so than Bill Belichick. And that's worked out pretty well for the New England Patriots Head Coach.

iheartizzie: She tries to act like one to get ahead, and hone her skills, but Yang's comforting of Bailey and little Tuck wasn't the first sign of Cristina's human side. Nor will it be the last. There's a big heart inside this cardio-god-in-training.

missingBurke: No. But with Burke out of the picture, Cristina has been forced to focus on work more than ever. During that relationship, it was apparent she was capable of, you know, feelings.

Cristina Yang

2. Is there a romantic future for Izzie and Alex?

iheartizzie: I hope so. I always loved these two together. Despite Denny and Ava being terrific love interests for each, I think there's something here.

McCritic: Probably. The show currently has nary a romantic entanglement among the main characters. How long can that continue for? Unless Dr. Hahn comes to her senses and locks McSteamy in an on-call room, Izzie and Alex are the next likely pairing.

missingBurke: Of course not. Izzie is madly in love with Denny, right? Or is that George? Either way, Alex was never much more than a sexmate for her.

3. Will Bailey's marriage survive?

missingBurke: Unfortunately not, I'm afraid. But luckily, little Tuck appears to be okay, and hopefully, his single parents will be happier on their own while still giving their child - who they both love - the attention he deserves.

McCritic: Only if Miranda dials down her duties at Seattle Grace. And can anyone see that happening?

iheartizzie: Sadly, I think Tucker Sr. has made up his mind on this one. While she may think she can have it all, Dr. Bailey won't sacrifice her career to meet him halfway. The look on her face at the end said more than words could.


4. Will George and Lexie make good roommates?

McCritic: No. If George is looking to take care of himself, he shouldn't have a roommate; especially one that's attractive, single and open to sleeping with co-workers.

iheartizzie: These two have a nice connection, and George landed in the Friend Zone from the start this time, so it should work out well. Probably.

missingBurke: George has befriended, then slept with, and made things really awkward with, three other attractive ladies at SGH... why stop the streak now?

5. Pick a side: Team Derek or Team Meredith?

McCritic: Derek told Meredith he wanted to marry her. Derek told Meredith he'd wait, but would also keep options open in case someone more committed came along. Derek broke things off with Rose (Lauren Stamile) the instant Meredith wanted to be exclusive. So can anyone tell me what he did wrong?

iheartizzie: Team Meredith all the way. There's no chemistry between Derek and Rose, plain and simple. You know Mer loves you, Derek. The house thing was too much. She needs more time to get over her issues gradually!

missingBurke: Team Meredith. Derek is breaking up MerDer for what? Dose? Rerek? No option works.

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I feel in this episode Baily had nothing to feel bad about, if you looked a that sorry excuse for a husbands eyes you would see that. I feel he either caused Tuck to get hurt or just didn't watch him. Baily is better off without that uncompromising, selfish jerk of a man. If they stayed together little Tuck may not live to see kindergarden.


Yo no se ingles y por eso escribo en castellno pero yo quiro decir que me gusto-odie este capitulo.


1. no, christina's not a robot, she's just pushing all her feelings/emotions into her work right now, now that burke left her. she doesn't want to get distracted, so she's focusing on her job more than ever. 2. izzie + alex = so cute! i've been wanting to see them get together. i mean, george was ok for a while, but come on, look how much trouble they caused! (especially with callie and george's mom.) Izzex should happen. they should try it out. 3. i agree with McCritic on this one. miranda's gonna have to tone down the work bit. but does that even seem possible? 4. possibly. you never know, next thing you know, lexie will be the new girl in his life. just like callie, izzie, etc. he's got a habit of switching girls around, don't you think?


mel- i totally agree with u they should bring back ava for good and have alex and her stay together and we definitely need to see more of alex and mcsteamy i feel like we know nothing about their pasts and its annoying like the show isnt just about mer and der even though there great, there are other characters


George and Izzie are amazing as a couple!! They aren't just friends as obviously shown throughout all the episodes from s3 n s4..they LOVE each other so so much. and it's clearly affecting them because they are meant to be. Izzie and George shared such a wonderful moment in the linen closet, it was still my most romantic moment on Greys. And the elevator kiss was so was not friendship love. As clearly shown...they said their "i love yous" and izzie did cry and fought for george even if it was against her principles. that show how much she cares and Loves him. george isn't anywhere near safe...he is a lil dangerous and it took a huge leap of faith for izzie to confess her feelings to a married man. :) Gizzie are soulmates and shonda shall nvr tear tht love apart, even with stupid alex and lexie combo she gave us. argh. We gizzie fans will continue to fight for Gizzie's Love to come true and live a happy ending together!!


Callie has shown no signs of being pregnant at all and even she admits their quickie vegas marriage was not a good idea. Not all marriages are meant to last forever especially when you are half crazy with grief over your dead dad when you make the decision. George and Izzie were beautiful and natural and wonderful togetheer (remember that elevator kiss, the cute flirting in episode 4.2 in the hall and in Mer's house, the whole almost nose-kissing, so cute then in 4.6) until Shonda decided to become a coward and sacrifice her writing integrity to please the overvocal Gizzie haters out there (even though Gizzie had as many or more fans). She then did the awful episode 4.7 where they were suppose to be awkward so as to convince us of the no chemistry crap. except I did not buy it and the minute I saw them on the bed when they broke up and he kissed her shoulder and then they danced together, there was no hiding how well they fit together, how beautiful a couple they were and how the chemistry exploded on the screen. Shonda is a coward and she had a gold mine in Gizzie and wasted it. I do not want to watch anymore.


My opinion: All the Geroge & Izzie stuff, I'm glad that everyone seems to forget that Callie is potentially pregnant & that marriage is now considered something to throw around! Fine if they stay together, personally I think their on screen chemistry is nothing more then a one night stand and they seem awkward together. BUT I stand by my McDreamy promised to wait for Merideth & she was taking steps forward & to what him being a jerkoff and going on a date that very night! I hope he decides not to pick her up and declares his undying love and insanity to Merideth & we watch them build a long, health relationship....
I'm looking forward to seeing what McSteamy becomes though.... more of McSteamy & Alex -- Ava can come back permenantly and they could have a solid relationship... one that doesn't break up would be nice!


I agree, George and Izzie need to be together.


George and Izzie are perfect. george was hardly the safe guy, he was married and Izzie spent months crying over him. Plus, although I love George, he left Olivia because he did not love her enough then he left Callie for the same reason, so Izzie had no reason to think he would not leave her after all he left for 18 days and did not speak to her. And if you noticed, she counted the days he was away and missed him while Mer and Cristina did not miss Burke and Derek. Izzie cried over George almost more than she did over Denny so how was that safe? If she wanted safe she would go for Alex. She is not in love with him and she could have had sex with him like she did before, and dump him without a look back. Izzie risked ehr reputation, her friends and her job over George, that tells me the love was real. And the way she kissed him in that elevator was nothing like friendship love. They love each other, heart and soul, but right now was not the next time. In the end, they are soulmates though and will be together. And the Gizzie fans are not going anywhere.


Okay.....I'm all for the whole MerDer thing, but....Meredith really needs to get her stuff straight. One minute she loves him and wants to be with him and the next minute she hates him. Derek was right when he said that she always finds a way to pull away from him. It's either her issues with commitment, her issues with her mother (which really had nothing to do with their relationship), now its issues with trust. The cycle goes on and on and on. I'll admit that when Lexie first came in and it looked like she was stepping on Mer's territory, I was furious....of course that blew over because she set her sights on Alex. When Derek kissed Rose, I wanted to scream, but.....Mer and Der were actually in some kind of Meredith inspired "grey" area. She has poor Derek so confused about where they're at with the relationship that he has no idea what to do. I don't agree with the fact that he went straight to Rose to ask her to dinner after he had a very intense discussion with Meredith, but I can see why he did. I think he needs to take some time off from the relationship scene instead of jumping into a new one with Rose. I don't believe that MerDer is even close to over and I think Rose is going to get hurt in the crossfire. But then again EVERYONE at Seattle Grace Hospital knows about Mer and Der, so Rose knows what she's getting into. If she really believes that Derek is just going to go along and pretend that he never had anything with Meredith, then she is going to get a rude awakening.
As for Bailey and her marriage issues......Tucker is right to want his wife's attention focused on her family, but he needs to realize that she is the center of everything at that hospital...with being Chief Resident and all. He is a major jerk and needs a reality check. I think it really boils down to the fact that he's tired of being a stay at home dad. He should have thought of that before he agreed to the arrangements made before little Tuck was even born. Miranda needs someone who appreciates her for who she is and appreciates what she does. BTW....little Tuck is going to be fine.
George and Izzie......I don't think they should have ever crossed the "friendship" line. Thats not to say I think that Alex and Izzie should be together...because I DO NOT....Alex is an egotistical a-hole. George and Izzie may have love for each other but I think that it is more of a friendship love. Izzie is trying to find a "safe" person to have a relationship with and she picked George because she knows that he will never leave her.

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