Round Table: "Lay Your Hands On Me"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about the key moments and share their opinions regarding the latest episode of our favorite drama.

Round Table topics for "Lay Your Hands On Me" include the future of Bailey's marriage, some new roommates, some old lovers, and a huge breakup ...

1. Is Cristina a robot?

McCritic: No more so than Bill Belichick. And that's worked out pretty well for the New England Patriots Head Coach.

iheartizzie: She tries to act like one to get ahead, and hone her skills, but Yang's comforting of Bailey and little Tuck wasn't the first sign of Cristina's human side. Nor will it be the last. There's a big heart inside this cardio-god-in-training.

missingBurke: No. But with Burke out of the picture, Cristina has been forced to focus on work more than ever. During that relationship, it was apparent she was capable of, you know, feelings.

Cristina Yang

2. Is there a romantic future for Izzie and Alex?

iheartizzie: I hope so. I always loved these two together. Despite Denny and Ava being terrific love interests for each, I think there's something here.

McCritic: Probably. The show currently has nary a romantic entanglement among the main characters. How long can that continue for? Unless Dr. Hahn comes to her senses and locks McSteamy in an on-call room, Izzie and Alex are the next likely pairing.

missingBurke: Of course not. Izzie is madly in love with Denny, right? Or is that George? Either way, Alex was never much more than a sexmate for her.

3. Will Bailey's marriage survive?

missingBurke: Unfortunately not, I'm afraid. But luckily, little Tuck appears to be okay, and hopefully, his single parents will be happier on their own while still giving their child - who they both love - the attention he deserves.

McCritic: Only if Miranda dials down her duties at Seattle Grace. And can anyone see that happening?

iheartizzie: Sadly, I think Tucker Sr. has made up his mind on this one. While she may think she can have it all, Dr. Bailey won't sacrifice her career to meet him halfway. The look on her face at the end said more than words could.


4. Will George and Lexie make good roommates?

McCritic: No. If George is looking to take care of himself, he shouldn't have a roommate; especially one that's attractive, single and open to sleeping with co-workers.

iheartizzie: These two have a nice connection, and George landed in the Friend Zone from the start this time, so it should work out well. Probably.

missingBurke: George has befriended, then slept with, and made things really awkward with, three other attractive ladies at SGH... why stop the streak now?

5. Pick a side: Team Derek or Team Meredith?

McCritic: Derek told Meredith he wanted to marry her. Derek told Meredith he'd wait, but would also keep options open in case someone more committed came along. Derek broke things off with Rose (Lauren Stamile) the instant Meredith wanted to be exclusive. So can anyone tell me what he did wrong?

iheartizzie: Team Meredith all the way. There's no chemistry between Derek and Rose, plain and simple. You know Mer loves you, Derek. The house thing was too much. She needs more time to get over her issues gradually!

missingBurke: Team Meredith. Derek is breaking up MerDer for what? Dose? Rerek? No option works.

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make mer and mcsteamy hook up! after all der said to date other people!!!


I have to say I'd like to see George and Callie patch up. It would be nice to see one relationship work through to the end. Besides now they have all those baby clothes.


I know this made no sense to me, Alex was suppose to be on suspension, maybe a week had passed. The merDer thing, I love them, but I knew it was coming, but for him to move on so soon, GRR! And george and Izzie did not even share one scene after the lovely dance last episode. Those two are or were deeply in love, this does not go away so soon. As a HUGE Gizzie fan, that made me very angry. Oh and I really do not want to see Alex and Izzie together again. George and Lexie could be cute for a while, but I want George and Izzie together in the end.


The whole Meredith/Derek/Rose fiasco aside, did anyone else notice that Alex was at work even though in Crash Into Me Part II he had a week suspension for sneaking Ava into the gallery? Messing storytelling.' I feel bad for Miranda. But, I think that she and Derek will become close friends through this. Oh, and the who Mark/Erica thing he was priceless! Although I still think Mark and Callie should get together!


PS Whats with the gore of Grey's lately!? What happened to it being more soap opera, less gore grossness!! The pencil in the eye had me turn away, do you want your long term viewers watching or running?!


Derrick promised Merideth he'd wait and give her time and be patient with her! And then what? Even McSteamy said he never saw Derrick as committed to his wife as he was Merideth.... they've gone through life and death incidents -- their love is inetertwined... and it would be nice if he actually took Merideth's first step before leaping into the next one. If you love someone you are patient. No matter what. You don't choose you love, you choose sexbuddies and likes but love -- that is written in the stars. AND for this GREY's lover I want to see Merideth and McSteamy!!! I can't picture her with anyone else.... look at the George disaster!


thank you soo much 4 the link to that wondeful video kathy it was sooo sad omg merder keep holding on ur not broken!!!!!!!


George and Izzie RULE, Alex and Izzie do NOT work as a couple, they just do not have chemistry couple. George and Izzie have both, the friendship chemistry and the couple chemistry.


I think the whole thing has lost it's focus. No one even seems interested in the medical part anymore. It all comes down to Shonda and the writer's. They have made it to where people are starting to really dislike alot of the characters for one reason or another. Derek and Meredith was one of the greatest couples on the show with the best chemistry. George and Izzie were so amazing and funny as bestfriends. They have done a complete turn around with Bailey.Their not using Mark or Alex to their full potential. Repeating storylines in one way or the other doesn't help. Shonda and co. have taken a great show and turned it into crap.


What a great video of Mer/Der! It made me sad! Get out your kleenex.. Mer/Der have to get back together SOON!

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