Private Practice: Add Hot SWAT Guy, STAT

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The woman behind Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice recently gave E! tons of gossip, rumors and spoilers for the upcoming season.

We'll dispense with the intro and get right to the scoop. Check out what Shonda Rhimes said, then share your reactions:

Q: What's in store for Addison this year?

Shonda Rhimes: We're going to see a lot more of her love life. I don't think we've ever seen Addison in a relationship; we've seen Addison trying to get her husband back, but we've never seen Addison in a relationship.

Q: Is this the SWAT guy?

Shonda Rhimes: Yes, David Sutcliffe, who is very SWAT-y and cute. SWAT guys are sexier, so that's why he's a SWAT guy now.

Q: What about Pete?

Shonda Rhimes: She's going to have some choices to make because Pete is still in the background for her, and there might be some other guys in there for her. I think it might be nice to see a single, grown woman dating and trying to figure out what that means.

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oh my gosh im in love with kevin and he's so awesome for addison. he's real and down to earth and he saves people. mmm mmm mmmmmm he's so hot. MAN i want him !


I wouldn't say that Pete is Private Practice McSteamy. He is not a manwhore like Mark. He has commitment issues, but he doesn't sleep around. If anybody is a manwhore it's rather Cooper. Unless you meant that Pete is unbelievable sexy :) In that case I do agree ;)


I want more Pete, Naomi and Sam. I don't care about Addison's SWAT guy. He is boring as hell, even before the season started. It's so obvious that he is Private Practice's Finn, i.e. a plot device that will disappear after a few episodes.


Shonda- exactly what this show needs!! now i'm wayyyyyyy exited for the next season!! is it a love life with PEEEEETTTTEEEEEEE!!! ooooo!! lol !! Pete is Private Pratices Mcsteamy!! lol ! again!!
love always Syd


I hope that Shonda has more storylines for Pete than just being in background and waiting for Addison. Both Pete as a character and Tim Daly as an actor deserve much more.

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