Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Ex-Files"

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Mister Meester: Does Nate even know where he is right now? Dude is so clueless, it'll take him weeks to figure out everything that happened around him in the last 15 minutes.

Gossip Guy: Well, my vote is for anyone but Vanessa. Hey, I hear Serena is single now.

DANdy: Hopefully a Barney marathon. Dude has to learn to brighten up.

4. Do you like the new, quasi-evil, queen Serena?

Gossip Guy: I don't think like begins to describe the emotion. Serena is finally being the bitch we always knew she was. Sure I loved the Serena she was with Dan, but I think this is the real Serena and it's hot.

DANdy: I liked the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra throughout the three-way date at the club. But no matter how sexy this queen may be, I'll always lament her straddling a throne instead of Dan. Derena 4 eva!

Mister Meester: I wasn't a huge fan at first, but S' transformation should set up some serious drama with Blair. Two words: Cat. Fight.

Sexy School Girl

5. Moron of the Week: Rufus (spurning Lily), Dan (getting played by Chuck and terrible actress who portrayed Amanda) or Vanessa (screwing up Blair's plan)?

Gossip Guy: First, I've been saying this the last two round tables, but Dan is the moron of the week, month, year, decade, and century. He gave up Serena to go for the terrible actress that played Amanda? Seriously? I give second to Rufus for turning away his favorite blonde and bottle of wine.  Vanessa, you're barely worthy of me mentioning your name.

DANdy: I admired Rufus for taking a stand, despite the likely longing in his pants and his heart; and who can blame Vanessa for thinking Blair was up to no good? Dan, however, will forever be the original specimen of a new species known as Perpetual Moronic Erectus for his dumping of Serena.

Mister Meester: Dan. See photo above.


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i love isabel. she is the ultimate miniature blair. if you listen to her quotes on the show. she is the bitch........well off course after blair


1. What was the best Gossip Girl quote from the episode? Personally, I love this one: Isabel: [to Amanda] We know. Dan Humphrey? Bad idea.
Blair: It could be hazardous to your health. And then she drops the hockey stick on Amanda's foot. ONLY Blair Waldorf could get away with this blatant bitchy-ness and physical injury without so much as a retort from the other party. 2. Who is your favorite member of Blair's bitchy posse? I'm gonna go with Gossip Guy on this one. Who the hell cares what their names are? They are just background noise for all I care. 3. So Nate is sort of off the hook now. What's next for him? Nate really ISN'T off the hook though. He still has no money to prevent his family from falling further into shambles, there is still the possibility that Katherine will disclose the info about the Captain's whereabouts, AND he has to worry about the Duke coming after his ass. Talk about problems! But at least he finally got annoying Vanessa out of his life. It was only so convenient that she screwed everything up. 4. Do you like the new, quasi-evil, queen Serena? I was wondering when this side of Serena would came out from us to see again, but I don't know how long it can last. I truly believe Serena has changed for the better, thanks to Dan. It's only a matter of time before B knocks her off the throne and she comes to her senses about torturing Dan. Sure he deserves it for being such an ass, but S loves him. She'll snap out of it soon enough, I think. 5. Moron of the Week: Rufus (spurning Lily), Dan (getting played by Chuck and terrible actress who portrayed Amanda) or Vanessa (screwing up Blair's plan)? Ok, Dan takes the cake for believing that little weasle Amanda. I mean seriously, first she's all innocent. But then, even after being seriously warned by Blair and her posse, she still pursues Dan? He should have known that no one can easily escape Blair when she has her mind set on something. And then for Amanda to DRAG him to the most popular bar on the Upper East Side for everyone to see? Only someone who is up to no good would do this. Dan's a moron for not seeing how obvious she was being. Vanessa comes in a close second tho. She should seriously mind her own damn business for once. I cannot stand her, honestly. If anything, Blair has more reason than Vanessa does from history alone with Nate to try to help him. Ugh, I seriously can't believe she screwed up the whole thing. WHAT an idiot.


LuvChuck, thank u! That was very helpful. Yet, I find it hard to believe that Amanda's personality was composed that quickly, & that Chuck fooled Blair..even if it was filmed in the beginning. But still, very helpful. I appreciate it. :)




I knew Amanda was a set up because in the beginning of the episode, Chuck handed Blair the transfer folder, which he also had earlier in the morning during breakfast. I thought he had to be up to something. Great episode though.Loved the last scene of the show. It really was shitty for Dan to do this to Serena so soon!


HalliGrll, hopefully this will help:
A. Her having a lot in common with Dan was just part of the scheme. She had to act like Dan in order to attract him. No doubt, Chuck coached her in this regard. It's no coincidence that she was reading that book, etc. It was set up.
B. Chuck made a fake profile about her, and gave it to Blair. There was a pretty prominent shot at the beginning of the episode that shows him giving it to her and her tossing it in the (very short) acceptable pile. As to how she sat through classes all day, I have no idea; maybe she just hid out somewhere. And as for her going to Vermont - that's just the rumor that will spread around school (via Chuck) as to why the "New Student" is all of a sudden gone. I think the whole "terrible actress" thing was a part of the point. She was supposed to look weak, shy, and vulnerable - she's the new girl, and needs a friend to show her around. Also she has to act like a brain, not a socialite. It's much easier to get Dan to latch on to a charity case as opposed to someone confident. So that all made sense - but it was the pushiness later that was weird and inconsistent with that ("Where are you taking me tonight", wanting to go to clubs she clearly didn't belong in, etc.). And then we were supposed to believe at the end that she was some bada** conniver like Chuck, when she did nothing to change her mannerisms, voice, and personality? Now THAT was bad acting, ugh! Hope this helps! :)


I was so glad to find out that Amanda was a fake - Maybe that's why she was so awful at "acting" (and I use the term loosely) sweet and innocent?! I think Chuck's game is a long-term plan, maybe to make Blair miserable so she turns to him, again? Not that that's a good plan, and I'd like to think he's craftier than that. Either way, how smug is he going to be when he finds out about the disgusting Marcus being out of the picture?! I'm not entirely sure why, but I hate Serena being a birth, and think she's really going to grate as the queen - Blair deserves her spot, I agree. Plus, really, no matter how good S is at it, I don't think she could do either a) queen or b) bitch better than B! I'm looking forward to some Dan-bashing, though. He's gotten increasingly holier-than-thou over season 1, as well as more and more judgmental. Boy needs to be shown who's actually in charge in the UES.


I was confused by some of the plot. I didn't find the bribery of Amanda (agreed-terrible actress) believable, because a)she and Dan had a lot in common, alright that is ok if Chuck noticed it; but b) she was a student at the actual school; Blair was holding her profile. So Amanda going to Vermont? An inconsistency there. Other than that, it was an AWESOME episode. I watched it abt 3 times. :)


LEAVE DAN ALONE!Its Serena you should be angry at. thats so low. and i love them both. but im taking sides. Dan all the way!
xoxo Laura.


Don't get me wrong, I love Charles, but what was up with him in this episode? Usually his pervy/evil level is at a 6 or 7. It was like at freaking 9.5 the whole time! Plus how does he really plan on getting Blair back by hurting her???

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