"Betty Suarez Land" Pictures are Live!

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Last night's episode, "Betty Suarez Land," saw the return of the stud, Gio, and we have plenty of pictures to prove it!  In addition we have some pictures of Betty, Daniel, Claire, and Alexis.  We even got two pictures of one of our favorite actors from Spin City, Barry Bostwick, who guest starred as the family's lawyer.  Enjoy the following visual feast and click on any thumbnails to enlarge.

  • Alexis in Prison
  • Daniel Visits Alexis
  • Claire and Lawyer
  • The Meade Lawyer
  • Daniel Says Too Much
  • Gio and Betty Under the Boardwalk
  • Gio, Betty, and Daniel Under Boardwalk
  • Daniel and DJ Talk
  • Daniel and Claire Say Goodbye

If these 9 thumbnails weren't enough, you can browse our complete gallery of "Betty Suarez Land" pictures.

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