Lipstick Jungle Moving to Fridays

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Sorry, this may not be the best news we're going to deliver you guys.  It looks like NBC is mixing things up and effectively swapping the times of Life and Lipstick Jungle.  What this means for Lipstick fans is that starting November 7th, Lipstick will be on Fridays at 10 pm. 

This doesn't look good guys!  Friday night is commonly referred to as the graveyard.  Please please start telling your friends to watch this show so it doesn't go anywhere!

Nico, Victory, and Wendy Crying

Don't mourn the loss of Lipstick Jungle, it's still not over yet!  Make your friends watch!

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Joe: I happen to know a lot about spectacular dresses. I've taken off one or two in my time.
Roy: Really? You like to tuck or you just roll with the bulge?

[Ted waving steak knife]
Ted: Shane, tell her she has to do it
Shane: Well, darling, gentleman wielding a steak knife is making a demand