Lindsay Price: Lipstick Jungle Switching Networks?

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Recently the NBC President announced that they were looking into alternatives for Lipstick Jungle to not cancel it.  Now, Lindsay Price enlightens us on some of those ideas.

According to what the actress told E! Online at the M.A.C.Cosmetics Hello Kitty event, Lipstick Jungle may be moving to "Bravo or Lifetime...That's what they're saying...Or they're talking about maybe doing what they did with Friday Night Lights—airing on DirecTV and then later on NBC."

Oh, and, of course, they had to ask the all important question, if Joe and Victory got married, which designer would Victory wear? "I don't know. Maybe Peter Som, who does some of our stuf... Oh, actually she'd probably do her own dress."  Victory's dream dress? "Maybe old-school Givenchy. Or Valentino!"

Lindsay at Hennessy Artistry Finale
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my husband and I have been watching the re runs of Lipstick Jungle every Sunday morning with a coffee and breakfast. we watch it on Slice in Canada. we are hoping that some television executives in the states pick it up ( such as Bravo). we really enjoy the show and are sad that it ended when the story lines are so great.Please consider bringing it back.


I was looking on line to see when the season premire was and was very sad to find out that the show was cancelled. I hope that some network...any network picks up Lipstick Jungle. My friends and I all miss it and can't wait for it to come back.


It's hard to figure why a great show like Lipstick Jungle would be canceled, and sooo many stupid shows(for lack of a better word) are put on the air. Lipstick Jungle has a great story line, really talented actors , great writers and poof -- it's gone. Go figure!!!!!


It's been officially canceled.


Please bring the show back!!! There are fanatics here in Malaysia too!!


I'm dying to hear if Lipstick Jungle will continue to exist..... It's March already and I really miss the show.... please, please, bring it back!


Lindsay is signed on "Eastwick", does it mean Lipstick is cancelled ? I hope not :(


This is a fabulous show. Please bring it back. More Andrew McCarthy PLEASE!!!!


Why is NBC so blind?! Can't they see how great this show is?! BRING IT BAAAAAACK. I'm dying for teh hotness a.k.a Kirby and Nico. :)) *squeals*


Love this show and want it back !!!!!!

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Wendy [about Maddie]: Remind me why I was so eager to hear her first words
Shane: Oh the good times will come around again darling. Soon she'll be 16 and she'll stop talking to us all together

Victory: So what are we now?
Joe: A day older