Round Table: "Here Comes the Flood"

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While fans gather in our

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: The way Cristina described speaking to Derek. We love the McDreamy one, but we sometimes love Cristina's brutal honesty even more: "Well there's pain and then there's torture."

missingBurke: A tie between 1. Cristina's dismissive [to Lexie] "Don't think. Know." and 2. Mark's [to Callie] "You want a spanking?" So funny!

iheartizzie: I confess, the softer side of Alex Karev appeals to my inner cheeseball. When he was explaining to the man how his pancreatic cancer was discovered at Stage One, and how his luck has turned around, he nearly brought a tear to my eye.

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2. Will George pass his internship test?

iheartizzie: I hope so. The results of our George and Lexie poll are mixed, but I actually think they'd be a great couple. If she helps him earn a second shot at the text and then pass it, romantic fireworks can't be too far off, can they?

McCritic: Yes. As much as I love the Chief, it can't be good for George's career to remain his intern forever.

missingBurke: He has to. As he said, he's not married and cheating on his wife with his best friend this time. You're golden, O'Malley.

3. Should Izzie and Alex move out?

missingBurke: No. Derek might have objections, but I like the residents all living in the same house together. It's perfect for such a coming-of-age drama.

McCritic: Yes. It's only fair to Derek and Meredith. But, please, don't move in together, guys! Sexual tension between roommates is a recipe for disaster.

iheartizzie: Yes, as long as they move in together. Not only would that lead to great comedic exchanges, maybe Alex's parade of skanks would cease and he'd sweep Izzie off her feet! Eh, probably not. But if nothing else he should do it for the baked goods.

4. Mark Sloan: A great TV character, or the greatest TV character?

McCritic: With apologies to George Costanza and Andy Sipowicz, Mark Sloan may be the greatest. Those one-liners, combined with that sly smirk when he delivers them, give Sarah Palin a run for her adorable money.

iheartizzie: He'd have to play a more central role to be the greatest, but Mark is up there. The writers get major props for his transition from Addison's male madam (I don't even know what that means) to wise-cracking, not-entirely-mean-spirited surgeon.

missingBurke: Just a great TV character. Have you met Brian the Dog from Family Guy?!?

5. Should Meredith continue with therapy?

iheartizzie: I'm not going to go all Tom Cruise and say there is no such thing as depression or mental illness, but at some point Mer has to sink or swim on her own. Therapy was great for Meredith but it's a first step, not a crutch.

missingBurke: Definitely. Look what it's done for her already! She stood up to Derek at the end and he was wonderful about it. That is the kind of situation they will come across a million times in their new life together, and there's no going back. I thought the whole therapy angle was sort of overdone last season but there's no question it has helped her grow.

McCritic: Not only should Meredith continue with therapy, she should cease to move forward with any activity that does not include therapy. Can we start a movement to christen her McTherapy?


Meredith Grey is happy. Or at least she's telling herself that.

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My fave scene was definetely when the ceiling fell on Karev and Hahn...I found it very impressive that no one was watching their surgery except for Bailey. And another funny scene was when Bailey told the Chief about the "poop water" in her kitchen after Tuck flushed a little toy down the toilet! well, thing is...George's intern exam is a touchy subject...i mean if he passes, he becomes a resident, which means that he will then have interns to command, so that means a bigger cast, and how would his relationship with Lexie be? I think he would be at a higher place than her, and what really brings them together is their mutual misery, for lack of better words and need of short explanation. If George doesn't pass, then he would feel horrible again...emphasis on AGAIN!!! I mean, not everybody can fail the same thing twice and be able to pick up the pieces and start over, I speak from experience. Alex and Izzie, oh..come on, it's like Addison once said about DerMer, "the only ppl who dont see that der loves mer and [vice and versa] is derek and meredith". And I think that also applies at the moment to Izzie and Alex. But the point is...they should not have to move out!!! Derek needs to understand that Alex and Izzie are Meredith's family. So he needs to embrace them!!! And then, Izzie bakes...and I'm not gonna lie, everytime she bakes something it makes my mouth water!!! Alex sure brings a lotta filth (skanks) into the house, but as Mer said...he's uncle tom, was it? either way...the point is FAMILY!!! They're a family and Derek needs to understand that and stop trying to take Mer away from them! Sloan is a witty addition to the show, that's all...he's there when he's supposed to be funny or w/e. he isnt vital enough to be the greatest tv character! he isnt even a great tv character in my POV, just a good one. Meredith should continue therapy. She's made progress but she's not done. She needs therapy to keep her in balance. The point isn't to be happy, it's to be strong to keep going keep living and doing your job. (again, my POV)


Yeah I am all for George and Lexie. They would make an amazing couple. Mark and Lexie are both hot people, but that doesn't mwan they are hot together. They are like siblings. I am like Maddie and some people here though. Gizzie will always be the best couple.


I love George and I want him and Lexie together. If I have a choice though, he would be with Izzie. Izzie was only good with him and he is at her best with her. He and Lexie are much better than Mark and Lexie though. Above all, I want my George to be happy and to be a resident. Come on, he deserves that more than anyone. Shonda, we love George, make him happy.


Loved the episode - Greys is back. I too love the character of Dr Wyatt and think she adds a great dimension to the cast. She hit it on the nail with Cristina and as much as I feel for Cristina it's kind of sad that she can't embrace her happiness b/c she lost hers with Burke. Looking forward to next week.




Yeah, now ya'll love Mark, I loved him since the beginning! :D :D :D


Afinal qual é o novo casal?


Does anyone else find it weird that no one else had heard of the ENT diagnosis that Lexie read about, even though she said that it was from an article in a journal from 1964? Especially that it was Christina who asked her, someone who prides herself in being the best! (yes, even though it was not in the Cardio field, I still think that it was weird she had "never even heard of that condition before") But I loved the episode. And I think that Dr Wyatt should stay! Meredith doesn't quit on her shrink. Oh and Mark Sloan is one of the greatest!


I loved the episode! The sparks between Mark and Lexie... Awesome :D I think that Mer should continue therapy because she's still the same old suicidal Mer. Alex and Izzie... Alex really loves Izzie. He's a good guy, but he needs to control his actions.


this episode was awesome! I love the way the theme matched the it was such a obvious "flood" in the hospital as well as a flood of emotions, thoughts, and revelations. Somehow tied in very well with the characters and their lives.
I for one thing think the polls on George and Lexie are mixed. it is cute to see it is kind of a 3 way tie!
I myself think that George should be happy and fall in love again, and stick with it!
I have always been a huge supporter of George...therefore i definitely want him to pass him intern exam..(he earned it)n Lexie is so cute tryin her best to help him out!! *awwww...* I love the part when george was down in the cafeteria and lexie fed him food! *another awww...* They would make the perfect couple for now...!! But of course, if there is hope for Gizzie, i'm all for it! i nvr knew i would accept anyone other that Izzie to be with George. but lexie would be a cute match up!! plus she loves him! :) can't wait to see wat happens.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Eat the muffin, Mer. Taste the muffin. Remember. The muffin.


Cristina: There's no way that guy has been living at an 8. He's a wimp. His 8? My 3. I can take pain.
Meredith: You can't talk to my boyfriend for 10 minutes.
Cristina: Well there's pain and then there's torture.