Round Table: "There's No 'I' in Team"

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While fans gather in our There's No 'I' in Team" include memorable quotes, Mer-Der, George-Lexie, Callie-Erica, and Izzie-Alex drama ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: When Izzie said to Alex: "I care about you, and I'm not gonna go crazy, and I'm not gonna try to kill myself and I'm not gonna stop caring about you no matter how hard you push me away." I'm sorry. Didn't Izzie already go crazy when she broke up George's marriage to Callie?

missingBurke: Izzie's Good Will Hunting-esque "I care about you, I care about you, I care about you ..." That scene was really powerful and I like them together.

iheartizzie: After his intern referred to him as O'Malley and leaves, I loved George's meek reply (to no one in particular), "He probably should say Doctor O'Malley." Vintage George. As for whether Lexie going off on him was warranted, see next question.

Locker Room Action

2. Is Dr. O'Malley really a jerk or was Lexie out of line?

iheartizzie: George is unbelievably clueless if he can't pick up her signals, and why he didn't explain to her that he didn't ask for any interns is beyond me. But he's no jerk. As a venerable Lexipedia, young Grey should know that you have to be particularly overt with George or he won't take a hint. You can't get mad at O'Malley for being O'Malley.

McCritic: With Meredith maturing, I guess the show needed one Grey sister to enter Irrational Land. Lexie was very much out of line. And would you even wanna be an intern for the man you're in love with? Might lead to seriously - seriously! - awkward situations.

missingBurke: I'm with Lexie. It's one thing to not realize someone has feelings for you, but ignoring the poor girl is quite another. He made her feel invisible.

3. Was Derek ungrateful to Meredith or did he have a point?

missingBurke: I liked this story line because they both had good points. Derek should have been sensitive to how Meredith would react, but in his mind he is the attending and that's pretty much it. He can be stubborn sometimes, but as usual, McDreamy came around having thought it over a little.

McCritic: Meredith went too far when she referenced the "Shepherd-Grey" method. She already has a show named after her. Isn't that enough?

iheartizzie: Derek is the attending, sure, but since it wasn't even his idea to do the clinical trial, that argument is weak. Fortunately, Bailey talked some sense into Derek and - ever the romantic - he made amends with the timeless gift of a diseased kidney.

4. Will Callie and Erica last or fizzle out?

McCritic: I'm fully aboard the Horres bandwagon! While skeptical of the sudden lesbian angle at first, the show has handled this relationship in a realistic manner.

iheartizzie: The unfamiliar terrain makes this difficult to handicap. A lot may depend on the effectiveness of the famed Sloan method. The man's a genius, after all.

missingBurke: Callie has more chemistry with Mark. I see these casual lovers turned BFFs ending up together.

5. Is it too late for Izzie and Alex?

iheartizzie: No. They've had great chemistry from the start, and the way they're growing closer - or appear to be - makes a lot of sense, and the pacing feels just right.

missingBurke: No. They may still have a future as a couple. But it is too late for Alex to be Izzie's soulmate, as Denny wrapped up that title years ago.

McCritic: Yes. If only because there's no coherent nickname for these two. Azzie? Ilex? Nothing works.

Drs. Karev and Stevens

What do you think of Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens as a couple on Grey's Anatomy?

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Callie-Erica are Hot!!!


Who Maria??


It is SAD that a hispanic/latin actress has to accept a degrading, shamefull and discusting role you on T.V. I am ashamed, and will no longer watch your show.


I am sorry but the Gizzie haters always call them Gizzard or Grizzie, so maybe you should read them the riot act too. Alex and Izzie are boring. They are the most cliched couple in history. Hot bad boy with hot good girl who saves his soul when noone else sees it. yawn. It has been done a million times before and much better. Now George and izzie are two best friends who try to go from friends to lovers, that could have been very interesting. They also had a hundred times more chemistry and a much deeper connection. AI seems fake. She always treated Alex like a sex toy before now she is in love. I'd be more understanding about Alex and his wuv for Ava if he wasn,t kissing another women three weeks after. Last time I checked Ava was also married with a child so Alex committed adultery. George is not abusive. he is the good guy. Alex is the asshole. You can't even put them in the same place. George would never abuse women or people the way Alex does. I have given Alex chance after chance. He is a loser, and I am done with him. I am also done with Grey.


I am an English teacher at university and my English has always been excellent. I aced all my English classes in University, so I have to laugh at your comments. Anyone can see I talk much better than you. It is because and not coz, what are you? 9?


Hi Milania. There's no point of saying most AI fans don't even know how to speak English correctly. And if you don't understand what they are saying then you need to attend English class coz I don't think ur English is that good as well. Don't be proud of that. My English also not good coz I'm not a native speaker and I messed up with other 4 different languages. BTW you don't need account for posting in this site. Seems like you have lots to learn Milania and maybe that 5 year old idiots you've been calling to others is the mirror image to urself. Stop calling people stupid, or idiot. I'm not an AI fan originally but I'm starting to like this couple. Yeah I'm one of the fan now. I don't think they can make interesting story for Gizzie btw.


Seriously? lexziepuke? lexzieyuck? Are we in third grade, or did we just forget to take our pill this morning? Anyway, I know that he can be an ass, but so can, let's see, Derek, Mark, George, Chief, and Burke was too. So all you people just give it a chance. I mean can you really blame him? The girl he was in love with just went crazy! People deal with grief in different ways, plus his childhood kinda sucked, so lay off.


Yeah they ruined Izzie. She was so mu7ch better with Denny and George. Gizzie was hot. AI is blech.


I am sorry but don't you realize how wrong it is that you say that Izzie can be Alex's way out. One person should never ever save you. What happens if she dies or she stops looving him, will he got back to being the jerk he has always been? And yes Alex has the rigth to be damaged, he does need to grow the heck up eventually thoughy and he hasn,t. Ava made him grow up for a while but see why your judgment about one person saving you is faulty, when she couldn't save him anymore, he regressed and became more cruel and mean and messed up than ever. He needs to change for himself, become a truly stable, good, kind and caribng person then he can get into a relationship. He is in no way ready to have a relationship with anyone at the moment. Hmm who said the AI fanbase was 5%, from what I understood, the person said that the proportion of GREY fans posting on the Internet was about 5%. I'd say more about 10%. Nobody was talking about AI vs GI, although a lot of AI fans have said Gizzie was universally hated when in fact they hacve a huge fanbase, on and off the Net. The argument is the fact AI fans vote so much more and speak so much louder doesn,t mean they are the majority just that they have more time to waste on this. The Gizzie fans I know don,t speak up about Alex because they think Shonda will change her mind and fire the worthless piece of trash, we know it won,t happen. We are speaking out because we have a right of speech and because it is wrong to us to see an abusive relationship, a toxc one where the guy treats the girl like his emotional punching bag, shown as romance. It is an insult to women's rights movement everywhere. And the Gizzie haters didn,t shut up once when they were together, yet I didn,t see you tell them to shut up so we Gizzie fans can speak out as much as we want. I'd also like to point out that i know Gizzie haters who think Alex and izzie is abusive and sick and don't want them together so why the generalization here? We have the nright to find Alex abusive and it doesn't make us bad people, just a bit smarter than the rest. And don't worry, I do blame Izzie and so do a lot of Gizzie fans who now think Izzie is a former shelf of her former self, a girl who will open her legs to every single guy who treats her badly enough.


Ok, just because I defend Alex, doesn't make me an awful person. The people who brutally attack him for getting the girl at the end are. What's the point? To get rid of Alex? He isn't going anywhere so we just might get used to it and if people are going to quit the show because Gizzie is done, then do it and stop complaining. Seriously, it's getting old. Milania, true, there are relationships where people don't insult each other but there are relationships that they do. It happens, they are human and they're not perfect. They will make mistakes. Like, George is no better than Derek. They both commited adultery for example. They both made mistakes in the heat of passion but you know what? They apologized. The fact that both Meredith and Callie where able enough to be the bigger person and forgive their significant others (remember Callie eventually did, but Gizzie had begun already) for their mistakes is their problem. Plus, you said that the AI fanbase in the internet is only 5% right? How do we know it's not the same situation for Gizzie? The thing is that Gizzie fans will look for every chance that they get to attack Alex and Izzie, so this is a lost battle to continue to try to change their minds. And to finish off, I don't think abuse is love and hotness. First, it had to be abuse. Derek and Meredith's relationship has been based on confusion and began on the left foot. They're making it up for it this season. Alex and Izzie, if you want to blame someone, blame Izzie for taking all of Alex crap. In the beginning of S.4 Derek said about Meredith that she had the right to be damaged since her mother never wanted her and her father wasn't man enough to stay. Same goes to Alex. He has a right to be damaged since all we know is his father was an alcoholic and his mother suffered from a bad depression. Maybe like Derek was to Meredith, Izzie is his way out of the vicious circle but he can't make it in one day. Give it a chance, please.

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