Gossip Girl Round Table: "There Might Be Blood"

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As fans sound off in our There Might Be Blood" include all things Nate, as well as the arrival of Aaron Rose, and what the future holds for Blair and Chuck ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Blair referred to Muffy - whose net is always open to players with sticks, if you know what I mean! - as a "lacrosse-titute." That's hilarious.

Mister Meester: It's gotta go to Gossip Girl herself for the headline, "Muffy's Muff Gets Stuffed." That is so wrong, but so great. Side note: How great is it that 1. Chuck has "connections" with Gossip Girl and 2. the blog looks like the real CW site?

Gossip Guy: Definitely Chuck when he uses a pun of his own name, "look like you just hooked yourself a Bass." It's one thing when other characters do it, but now Chuck doing it himself? Unreal. What a show!

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2. Do you trust Aaron?

DANdy: I don't trust Serena to know how hot she is. A shady artist that won't come clean about the girls kissing him and answering his phone? You can do better, S.

Mister Meester: Basically, various women answer the dude's phone and show up wherever he happens to be. Maybe they're just friends - if he had something to hide, wouldn't he be a little more careful? No, he's probably just that shady.

Gossip Guy: I trust him as much as I like him. And that's not at all. How the hell did he dodge the question about that girl answering his phone? And how do I learn that trick?

3. Is Dan headed down a dangerous path?

Mister Meester: Without question. But perhaps he'll actually man up in the process.

Gossip Guy: No, it's the path where he finally finds his balls. When you get there and finally get into Yale, will you please give Serena a call? I do not approve of this Aaron skeeving his way in to your woman's pants.

DANdy: Look, Dan couldn't even go a movie with Nate because he was so wound up over his Yale recommendation. The guy has got to learn how to chill. If that involves getting edgier, so be it.

4. Rufus called the police on Jenny. Really?!?

Gossip Guy: You got me. You can check my old round tables from Season One, I was the biggest Rufus supporter. Now, I really don't know what to do with him. Something about him changed since he went on tour and gave up Lily. He's a shell of the awesomeness he once was before. He was once the dad I called cooler than Sandy Cohen. Now he's less cool than Danny Tanner (or even nerdier dad if you can think of one!).

DANdy: I rolled my eyes at that scene. Rufus approved of a career in fashion for Jenny. Doesn't he know that centers around the occasional guerilla fashion show?

Mister Meester: Classic reactionary move. Enraged and desperate, Rufus thinks, "That'll teach her a lesson (even though it contradicts my previous support and is an extreme measure considering the lack of harm done)!" Thank goodness for Lily.

Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey

5. Do you prefer Chuck and Blair playing mind games with one another - or teaming up against other people?

Gossip Guy: I think Chuck really stepped it up and proved he wouldn't do anything to ever really hurt Blair. I mean the guy wouldn't desecrate the sanctity of the backseat of his limo he once shared with Blair. Oh how I heart Chair.

DANdy: The beauty of Chuck vs. Blair is that it really is Chuck AND Blair. These two have turned sexual tension into a tango that not even Brooke Burke could master.

Mister Meester: I missed the back-and-forth we've been accustomed to, but this episode did have some sweet moments - Blair admitting (albeit to Emma) that she does love Chuck, and his comment about the back of the limo being sacred. Hey, it's Chuck Bass. You gotta take what you can get.


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I don't know if you know this, but that is not the first time Josh Schwartz has used the term "lacrosse-titute" in one of his shows. It was in the O.C. season three, episode 21. Marissa goes to visit Caitlin at boarding school and Caitlin's roommate calls a group of girls "lacrosse-titutes". I'm a big nerd for knowing this, but I thought everyone on here might like to know too!


Someone mentioned this earlier and I also don't understand why no one wants to trust aaron when chuck and nate are basically manwhores on the show but everyone loves them.
i personally really like the aaron plotline!


um, really what makes you think nate is a saint and jenny is a whore? if anything, nate is the more skank like one thier relationship since jenny has only ever been with 1 guy (asher) and how many has nate been with? i think your being shallow or sexist by saying jenny is the whore when nate obviously is. do you only think he 'deserves better' because he is hot? can you really not see past the looks? can anyone answer why nate deserves better than jenny, and don't just say 'coz hes older and hes hot'. thats not enough to base a relationship on.




The only thing I truly dislike about this episode and the previous one is that they don't show how Little J changed from cute soft make up to dramatic eye liner and eye shadow. I mean seriously from one episode to the other. And Aaron isn't that bad looking he kinda reminds me of Mr. Johhny Depp (OoOo yes). But looks can be decieving so I wouldn't really trust him I mean come on he is friends with MAX. Dan on the other hand is sOoO kind I don't think he really has it in him to go through this Vanity thing. But if he does then maybe we need to start his funeral cause I think Chuck will want to get even with him. And as for that whole N & Little J relationship, I think it is BOGGUS! I mean seriously how can he like her from one episode to the other, like seriously get real. Nate can do much better than that little skank-a-whore. And I love it best when C&B team up and crush all those punks who come accross them.


I so totally agree wiht Natasha.
season 1 was really easy to just watch if you didnt have anything to do, or if you did but you didnt want to do it. the episodes were so much 'lighter' there was not loads of constent 'heavy drama'. and plus jenny wasnt trying to be all bad-ass. i still really like season 2 its just not as easy to watch. did any of that make sense? i dunno.


i LOVED this episode i watch it so many times! i am the only one in the universe, but i love jenny and nate together! i don't like vanessa, she isn't nates girlfriend so she doesn't have a right to be mad. she should be happy for jenny. and jennys show was kinda cute. it was a good idea, although some of the clothes i didn't like. guys, not every episode can be 100% chuck and blair, yes we all love them but its a relief to see other character. i don't JUST wanna see them. im glad they're focusing on J for a little while. plus, anges is actually funny. her quotes are funny as, i loved it last week when nate and jenny are having this full on serious/angry moments and anges is like "oh, sweetie i told you he liked you, i totally called that one!" and when she say don't do anything gross to my friends, i dunno just the way she says some things is so funny, shes cute.


What's with J and the thick make-up, she still looks so young...and if i was Lily, i would hate that fashion show...i would be furious, but not too furious to press charges...the show sucked (my opinion) but i like this episode, its not that bad... and i dunno why S is so into Aaron...but who can blame her, he's kinda hot. and i think V ran away from J because she couldnt believe that J would do such a thing...i mean J and V are friends, and friends do not date the same guy, u know what i mean. N still pissed of at C...gimme a break...what kind of friend N is...


5. Do you prefer Chuck and Blair playing mind games with one another - or teaming up against other people?
-as long as they are not hooking up with each other..whichever of the 2 will do ;)


i really think that Aaron is just some dude who takes pics of naked women sorta like Max, Agnes' friend

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