Emma: They call him the de-virginator.
Blair: Oh my God, stop your mouth from moving.
Emma: But now that I finally have the night away from my mom and dad, we'll see who's first. We're saying TTFN to my you know what.
Blair: Or maybe we'll see how your mom feels about your little clearance sale, little Lohan.

Chuck: The only thing I like that aged is my Scotch.
Emma: What, it's old people? Blair told me it was all hot guys!
Chuck: Sounds to me like you've been taken for a ride.
Emma: How about you take me for a ride instead?
Chuck: Looks like you just hooked yourself a Bass.

Serena: There are other schools besides Yale. Like Princeton.
Blair: Princeton is a trade school.

I could explain who Tamara is and why she was at my apartment last night, but the fact is, you feel something or you don't. If you're looking for an excuse to keep us apart, that's fine.


Emma: But you're perfect!
Blair: True.

Emma, I was thinking, where is the glory in bedding down with some dirty Manhattan hipster who's probably filming you on Nanny Cam?


Why do you keep eating those pot brownies, Manny? You know sugar makes you spazz.


So I checked out Gossip Girl and I'm thinking we hit Socialista before we get to Beatrice.

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