Lipstick Jungle Ratings Down

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The Lipstick Jungle ratings are finally out for its debut on Friday night.  So just how did "The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe" do?  Unfortunately, not that well.  Only 3.18 million tuned in live to the new show time, that's 35 percent down from its Wednesday slot.

Does this mean the show is getting cancelled?  Well, according to Lindsay Price, the network is still behind the show.  So then why not give us a different day of the week when we can all watch it live?  How's Monday night sound?  It works for me!  Seriously My Own Worst Enemy?  Fill in comments with your love for the show as usual!

The Ladies Celebrate

Cheer Up Guys, Victory was able to!

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please please dont cancel this wonderful show I and my hubby love the show it's a winner you guys can maby show it on a different day of the week or move up the hour. Don't cancel it ....


Not this one too!! Enough they canceled Cashmere Mafia. This is good! we need this to go on..


I've been watching Lipstick Jungle since the very first episode and could not wait for the 2nd season to begin. I love the show and would be so disapointed if it was cancelled :(


I can't believe Lipstick has been moved to Friday nights and yet the network claims to be behind it ???
Come on guys, there are six other nights in the week, give this show a's a winner !


bummer! I super love the show. I'm hooked. I hope they wouldn't cancel the show.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. If it got cancelled that would be a huge mistake!


If NBC cancel this show, I hope HBO will pick it up and keep the same cast.


I'll be very upset if they cancel this show. I love it!!! I don't mind the change as long as I can keep watching it online. :)


Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Victory: Why are you emailing Joe Bennett? Does he own this building?
Dalhia: Well technically he owns this whole block.

You got nothing to be ashamed, you're here to dress a movie star, she's here to find something to cover arm fat.