Music from "All About Insecurities"

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We've put up the music from last night's episode, "All About Insecurities" for your perusal.  And yes, for those of you who were wondering, that was actually Lucy Hale singing that "Fever" cover!  Here's the music from the episode:

  • Ellem - "This Is Alright"
  • Livvi Franc - "Underground Sunshine"
  • The Beautiful Girls - "I Thought About You" The Beautiful Girls - Ziggurats - I Thought About You
  • Chris Perry - "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
  • Lucy Hale - "Fever"
  • CSS - "Jager Yoga" CSS - Donkey - Jager Yoga
  • Cary Brothers - "If You Were Here" Cary Brothers - Who You Are (Bonus Track Version) - If You Were Here

As usual, if you want to know when each song played, you can look at our "All About Insecurities" music section.

Rose the Singer

Yes, Lucy Hale really can sing!

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