David Sutcliffe: Source of Kate Walsh Divorce Drama?

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As they held each other at Katherine Heigl's birthday party, no one would have thought anything was wrong between Kate Walsh and her husband of 14 months.

"They were dancing up a storm, having a really good time together," a Star magazine source says of Kate Walsh and Alex Young, a movie studio executive.

"There were no signs that there was any trouble in paradise."

Yet just a week after Katherine's November 15 bash at her mother's L.A. house, Kate and hubby Alex Young called it quits, according to divorce papers.

Kate Walsh, David Sutcliffe

So what went wrong in such a short time between the Private Practice cast member and her husband? Friends say one of the main reasons her marriage has gone south has been Kate's growing closeness with David Sutcliffe.

That's the divorced hunk who plays her love interest on Private Practice. As Kate's Dr. Addison Montgomery and David's character, Kevin Nelson, have grown closer since he turned up at Oceanside Wellness, so have the actors.

"Kate really likes David, and knowing that didn't help Alex's fragile ego," a friend of the actress says. "Kate and David had a real connection playing lovers on the show, and she didn't seem to have that with her own husband."

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Nothing funny about divorce but its kinda chuckle inducing to think that there are people out there who are more than willing to believe Mr Young would let Kate go because she LIKES a co-star. He doesn't seem like the overly posessive type.


Would be a cute couple because we love Addison, but... I don't know... so many gossip around this. She must be sad with all this situation.


Would be a cute couple, though...


I'm skeptical - never sure what to believe from the press.


Cant believe it...


Cant believe it...


WTF? Is it a slow news day? So you quote trash? Kate's rep denied it. Star magazine is a trash tabloid full of lies. This site is soo disrespectful.


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