Pics from "Bye, Bye Baby"

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We've gone through Friday night's episode, "Bye, Bye Baby" and tooks screen captures of some of our favorite scenes from the episode. 

We've done our best to make sure we covered all the guest stars this fabulous show has to offer in addition to the regular, amazing Lipstick Jungle cast.  Enjoy and click on any thumbnail to enlarge.

  • Kirby Holds Charlie
  • Maddie Flirts
  • Victory Talks to Maddie
  • Victory Makes Maddie Smile
  • Wendy and Cassidy
  • Steven Draper
  • Megan's Parents
  • Wendy and Maddie
  • Kirby and Nico at Club

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According to Candice Bushnell we haven't seen the last of Kirby!


Oh, it was such a good/horrible episode! I hope Kirby stays in the show, maybe as Victory's photographer...

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

I know you thought we could fit a crowd in here. I hope it's alright that it's just us.


i have to admit this is the nicest thing I've ever tried on.. Ralph Lauren really knows what he's doing

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