Gossip Girl Producers Discuss the Show and its Spinoff

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As you surely know by now, Gossip Girl is getting ready to spin off a new show - one that would be set well before the soap's teen characters were born.

The May 11 episode of the CW show will serve as the pilot for a potential new series from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, co-creators of Gossip Girl.

The Gossip Girl spinoff, which doesn't have a title yet, would chronicle the high school adventures of Lily van der Woodsen, a former wild child turned society matron who is played by Kelly Rutherford on Gossip Girl.

The younger Lily hasn't been cast yet, but Schwartz said the show would chronicle the high schooler's adventures in the Los Angeles of the '80s.

"I'm very influenced by the '80s, as is Stephanie," Schwartz said in a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune. "A couple of movies we've talked about are Valley Girl and Less Than Zero, which are tonally very different movies. But that period of L.A. in the '80s, the Sunset Strip [music scene] of the time, the idea of coming over the hill into L.A. if you lived in the Valley - that is just something that fascinates us. It's a very romantic, exciting time."

Lily Learns

Gossip Girl is based on a book series that has its own spinoff line of novels under the name It Girl. But the producers weren't interested in making It Girl or a clone of the Monday drama about rich teens on New York's Upper East Side.

"We didn't want to do a spinoff just to do it," Josh Schwartz said.

"For us to do another teen drama, after Gossip Girl and The O.C. [which both Savage and Schwartz worked on], it needed to be something that really excited us creatively. This felt like an unusual way to go for a spinoff, but that's what got us fired up about it."

Schwartz's other show, Chuck, is very different from both The O.C. and Gossip Girl (although pop-culture references are a constant on all three).

Similarly, the new series will have its own vibe, even though the Gossip Girl creators haven't fully decided what that will be yet.

"The tone will be different, it's a whole new set of characters. You'll get to meet [Lily's] sister Carol and this whole other group of people that she lives with," he said.

"I think it'll feel very different. I actually think, in some ways, it can be broader than Gossip Girl, although Gossip Girl skews older than people think, in terms of its median age. I think there are a lot of people who could watch the [new] show with their kids, nostalgically. Most of our teen audience - their parents were teens in the '80s."

Alexandra Patsavas, who served as music supervisor for The O.C. and performs that duty for Gossip Girl (as well as several other shows), is currently digging up choice '80s tunes for the new show. Schwartz underlined the idea that the spinoff won't be using the same few '80s tunes that most of us have heard way too many times.

"We can go deeper than that," Schwartz said.

"There's a lot of stuff out there that's been kind of forgotten or hasn't yet been rediscovered yet, and no one is more up to the task of finding that than Alex."

As for whether the CW will pick up the show for fall, that has yet to be determined. Gossip Girl has not always done well in the ratings, but it's very popular online and on iTunes, and the soap gets more than its share of media coverage.

"We feel like the success of the [spinoff] lies in a greater picture, and ratings are a part of that," Schwartz said.

He was mostly mum when asked about what's coming up on Gossip Girl, and he wouldn't comment on whether we'll see Dan and Serena's secret half-brother again.

Schwartz did say that Michelle Trachtenberg would be back around April and May as troublemaker Georgina Sparks, and Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) would remain at the forefront of the show.

"We get that that [relationship] works for people," Schwartz said with a laugh.

He also said many of the show's characters "graduate at the end of this year - that's going to be a very big deal and it will shape direction of Gossip Girl heading into Season 3." 

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so go to home then over to recent forum posts. it should be the first one titled CB spoilers 2x18. even though its spoilers for the next like 4 episodes


Where are the spoilers? I just looked at the proteinshake website and I didn't see that she had posted. I was born in '84, so the 80s still hold a special place in my heart :-) (and it makes me sad that 84 was 25 years ago, haha)


CHUCK AND BLAIR SCENES ARE SO CUTE!! except for when jack comes back... lets just say the jack- blair storyline isnt over


EW nate and blair were horrible together, they don't understand each other at all! It's like watching a divorce couple. They don't even love each other. Take it from some one who has watched the season 1 dvd set 4 times! Chuck and Blair understand each other more than any couple on the show
I'm not saying it's wrong to be a Nair fan, I'm just saying Chair is so much better! How can you not see that in their eyes, maybe you guys should watch the beginning of season 2 again
If a girl can change chuck like that, then that's the girl for him because thats a flippin miracle


nair is going to be more like bate for chairs relation-ship.


This spinoff sounds awful! Why would I or anyone for that matter want to watch gossip girl that no longer has the same charcters. I would not want to watch a spinoff of 80's gossip girl it sounds just trashy. I am glad there is a season 3 for gossip girl but if it's going to be the spinoff I don't see the point in even having a next season. It just kills the whole point of gossip girl since your trying to create another idea of gossip girl over the already established one. Gossip girl is known for what we see in these two season and basically this spinoff ruins the whole idea personally, if your going to do the spinoff then it should not be called gossip girl. I just find this ridiculous and if anyone trully loves gossip girl then you would support these ideas. So if this is what the new season is going to be about I will not be watching it.


I'M just happy that Chuck & Blair will "remain at the forefront of the show." Phew.
I was so mad when I heard that whole Nate-Blair rumor.


Oh gosh, thank you D and Kirby! Being in my 30's divorce and a single mother (sound depressing). I find GG a great escape as well as.....here it goes......The Twilight series. And I watched the damn movie twice and pre-ordered the dvd on amazon! The only way I can describe it is like reliving high school and college all over for me. I remember what it was like to fall in love ( or perhaps it was fatuation then) and just feeling like the whole world revolved around us. Or that first boy crush where you always planned to be where he was at and looking good to boot! That feeling of I can't live without this person and of course there is the wonderful out of control hormones. It's easy to just 'settle' in your 30's because you think 'Hell, my prime youth is over'. That is a bad attitude to take so getting my GG fix and Twilight fix reminds me what it feels like to be alive! Okay, I'm done.




I can't wait to see the spin-off..even though I wasn't around in the 80's.
Finally some good news about Chair.
I really think they'll be together by the end of the season.


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