Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Wish You Were Here"

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While fans gather in our Wish You Were Here" Round Table include this week's scenes with Denny, Mark and Little Grey, Cristina and Meredith's feud, and George's continued absence ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: The exchange between Mark and Callie, as they came up with the mission for their self-help group. I especially laughed at Mark saying he had to write down their one rule.

missingBurke: Mark's was heart-to-heart with Callie was great - those two may have the better chemistry, even though Mark's best line - his defenses being worn down by Lexie's nakedness - pertained to a relationship with someone else. Hopefully there's a future for Callie and Mark - if only as BFFs / support group co-founders!

iheartizzie: In an odd choice, I'm taking Alex's various, nonchalant reactions to Izzie's revelations about Denny. Sort of sums up many fans' take on the whole storyline.

A Lexie Grey Photo

2. Will Mark and Lexie sleeping together end badly? Or very badly?

iheartizzie: Very badly. Chyler Leigh is pregnant. Think about it. If they can write in a ghost lover for Izzie, surely the writers can work this real-life event into the plot.

McCritic: Very badly. Lexie is putting on a facade. She may be mind-blowing in bed, as Mark mentioned on more than one occasion, but this gal is all about long-term relationships, not short-term reverse cowboys.

missingBurke: Badly. I actually like these two as a couple, but at some point, they're going to want very different things ... and Derek is going to find out.

3. Who will take the first step toward reconciliation, Meredith or Cristina?

missingBurke: To be honest, I can't recall what exactly they're fighting about, which is actually fairly true to life when it comes to disputes among friends. It would take a Hurculean effort on Cristina's part, but I'd like to see Yang be the one to mend fences.

McCritic: Neither. It looks like the emerging tandem of Derek and Hunt will eventually intervene to bring their significant others back together, if only to make their own lives easier.

iheartizzie: Both are stubborn, but I'm going with Mer. There's less of a Grey area when it comes to expressing her emotions. Cristina wants her person back but doesn't know how to go about it; Mer will put herself out there and extend the olive branch.

4. On an eye-rolling scale of 1-10, rate your reaction to this episode's use of Denny.

McCritic: 12. I was annoyed enough by the simple fact that A GHOST IS THE MOST PROMINENT STORY LINE ON THE SHOW. But now Izzie's admission of her visions has officially taken the edge off of Alex. He doesn't care that she fantasizes about her late true love? Really?!?

iheartizzie: 6. This crap has gone on far too long, but at least they put Denny in a really awkward position, watching Alex go to town on his girl. Perhaps being shown up in such fashion will cause this handsome spirit to simply disappear into the afterlife from whence it came.

missingBurke: 8. I'll suspend reality for the sake of entertainment, but can we move it along? We've known about Izzie's condition for-freaking-ever. Her diagnosis, and what happens after, is the only thing left to watch. Yet it never comes.

5. More in need of a story line: Meredith/Derek or George?

iheartizzie: This season has been lacking on the MerDer front, but that's not necessarily bad... at least one or both are prominently featured on most episodes. George, though? He pretty much hasn't been heard from since passing his intern exam.

missingBurke: This week gave us some solid MerDer strife, which Derek at least confronted at the end. Even if there's not a lot of wild passion in every episode, these two are coming into their own as a couple, I think. As for George, I keep waiting for him to suddenly announce he got an offer from Mercy West that he couldn't refuse.

McCritic: George. I'm glad to see Meredith and Derek finally acting like a normal, boring couple. George O'Malley, however, is probably missing that case of Syphilis right about now. At least it gave him something to do.

Has anyone seen this man? Call the Missing Persons Hotline if so.

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They need to give the realistic characters better storylines, and that includes George. George is one of the few realistic people on the show. McSteamy, to me, is just a comedic relief.


Give a storyline to McSteamy, not George. I think hes trying to threat the writers to get a good storyline. Just leave TR. No more George.


I find George is very boring and such a waste on the show. I only like him when he was in a mushroom haircut like the LOTR. I can only watch him in season 1 and 2. Now he needs to go.


Awww...cut Alex a break :) He is in love and trying to be a good boyfriend to Izzie. I think that he is partly in denial and just trying to give Izzie her space to mourn for Denny so that she can move on with him. Plus, she isn't being completely clear. She needs to tell him that she can TOUCH Denny. His jealousy and insecurity cost him the relationship before and he doesn't want to make the same mistake twice. He has been selfless many, many times when it comes to Izzie (bouquet of corpses for her to practice on even though she was his competitor for the solo surgery as a recent example). He might be in denial and he might not be looking at the situation the way a doctor should, but I don't think its fair to say its because he is self-absorbed. He is one of the most self-aware and least self-absorbed characters on the show, IMO. And for the record, Alex is my favorite, but I love George too and miss him alot and esp. miss his friendship with Izzie.


I find George to be very entertaining and realistic. And T.R. is a great actor, so it would be a tremendous loss for the show if he were to leave, and there would be more than just a few people leaving with him as well.


I must be the only one who actually likes the whole Denny story line. I don't sit down to watch TV and expect things to actually be realistic or make sense. I think it's very bittersweet. Anyone who has ever loved, and I mean truly loved, someone can relate to the fantasy of seeing that person after they lost them. The whole thing cracks me up.


I totally completely disagree with Anatomy Jane and Rory and Deb. George has to stay!!! And Callie too! But mostly George. Greys would be seriously wounded if TR decided to leave and there was no more George.


George is boring. He has to leave. Grey's has soo many casts. I think they show is still great w/o George and Callie. Bring back Addison to replace them.


George has been a favorite from the very beginning.
Nobody needs to go, especially not him and especially not Callie. Seriously? What happens to the show if those two and Izzie end up leaving. Think about it.
It's wouldn't even be Grey's Anatomy anymore.


I find it rather interesting that the very same things Mark is so amazed he has with Lexie, are the very same things that he has with Callie!
Grey's is not my favourite show, its one of the many I watch, but I have to admit that the Callie/Mark pairing makes me watch it more than anything!
I think it really shows on screen that Sara and Eric are good friends in real life, whether they're portraying a romantic or just a friendship scene!
I do think that they would make a very interesting pair, how often do you see two people accept each other they way they are so well? They are a lot of fun to watch! More scenes with the two of them please!

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