Private Practice-Grey's Anatomy Crossover Details!

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TV Guide has the details on the February 5 and February 12 episodes of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy, in which the show's characters will be intertwined in a story line.

Sam, Naomi, Addison and her brother Archer all visit pay a visit to Seattle Grace on the 12th after Archer (Grant Show) returns to Oceanside on the 5th with a brain disorder.

There, according to the photo below at least, Addison and Mark reunite. Check out the scan below for more details on this Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice event...

Mark and Addison TV Guide Photo

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I agree it's probably juggling. Patrick has said he does this in real life and he has done it on TV in previous appearances. I would imagine that that's something not done too gracefully at talent shows or that appreciated in talent shows. I like Addison returning and the whole crossover idea, but not the whole Addison/Mark thing again. That ship has sailed with her moving on to Private Practice and him moving on with Callie or Lexie. So that part, I would hope is just simple flirtation that they do.


is dr. wyatt done with private practice?


Maddison rocks thats why we love them


i bet the talent is...........juggling.. he's done it on plenty of tv shows.. & used to juggle in real life.. hahaha!! we shall see!


doode i luv these 2 2gether!
cute couple alert!
i wish addie and mark wuld be 2gether 4ever!
plus i hated how in season 3, addie just got an abortion without marks thoughts.
ik she wanted derek still, but i mean mark wanted her and tht baby.
i luv how things turned out!


Watch Addison be mocking Mark for something that happens between then and now with him . . . I liked seeing her with Mark but it was never going to work out. I can NOT WAIT for this crossover! I love these shows!


Oh my Goooooooood!!!
Can't hardly wait!!!!


SO excited for this! Is that sam and naomi in the background?


It almost looks like she's throwing herself at him. Mark set Addison free, so can we give her some self respect and not have her throw herself at every man she comes in contact with?


Maddison really miss them come on make them a couple again.

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