Taylor Momsen: Snowstorm Chic

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Always fashionable, Taylor Momsen doesn't let a few flakes of snow get in the way of her glam look Thursday as she heads to work on Gossip Girl, filming on location in New York City's Lower East Side. Here's the 15-year-old actress / model / superhero ...

T. Momsen

As we've seen in various pictures of the cast (and you may have experienced yourselves), it's been extremely cold this week in the Northeast. But the show must go on! Click to enlarge more pictures of Taylor Momsen on her way to work ...

Treading Carefully
Taylor Momsen on the Set
Taylor Arrives
Dressed Warmly
Snowy Day
Snow Bunny

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Anybody know what jacket she's wearing. I love it. FYI it's like totally sunny with a slight cool break in SoCal so yay!!! Although I wish we had days like she's having it just wouldn't look right (Palms trees and surfboards with snow on them....too weird)


I agree with K. In the US it isn't always this cold, while in canada the warmest its ever been would probly b in the summer. Thats why we complain about the cold so much down here....


People in Canada are used to the weather being cold but people in New York arent. I live in New York about an hour outside the city and this weather doesnt happen everyday. Its not usually this cold.


HAHA! i live in florida and i thought 60 degrees was cold!!!


Taylor looks really pretty and i like her hair color and her hair looks good since its grown out.


Gorgeous to the extreme! Love her!


The outfit is good.. but she is way too thin. :(


I live in Winnipeg Canada & it is -51 with the windchill, so if you want cold, come up here. But she does look cute.


haha! well i live in southrn canada, and for the past couple of days its been like -20, -30 celcius!
i have to say that taylor momsen looks super cute there!


She looks so much better now that her hair has grown out! I hope she keeps it like this. It's even better than the very first hair cut she got at the end of season one.


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