Ugly Betty Pics: "Kissed Off"

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It looks like last night's episode of Ugly Betty confirmed the spoilers we've been hearing: Ignacio is getting a nurse!  Lauren Velez will be guest starring as Elena, Ignacio's part time nurse, and we have three pictures of her from the next episode, "Kissed Off."

Additionally, we have pictures of Betty and Jesse, who also will be a major player in the new episode.  Also, from these pictures, it looks like Betty still has not given up her apartment, which she said she would at the end of "Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown."  Enough analysis, here's the pictures:

  • Amanda Cheers Up Betty
  • Lauren Velez Guest Stars
  • Ignacio and Elena
  • Hilda Gets a Break
  • Jesse Sings to Betty
  • Lauren Velez as Elenda

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