All My Children Spoilers: Goodbye to Greenlee

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Rebecca Budig complete her return to All My Children last week.

As Soap Opera Network reports, the actress has taped her final scenes as Greenlee Smythe. They're centered around the character taking off on a motorcycle, heading into a volatile situation.

Will Greenlee be killed off? The answer is murky.

Rebecca Budig Photograph

Although she disappears during the week of February 16, sources close to All My Children reports that fans can expect one more sighting of Greenlee some time in March. What, exactly, does that mean?

Tune in. Find out!

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Greenlee was a Awesome Character, and the Love that her and Ryan Shared was Outstanding, I just wish we all could have shared their wedding with them. I think she needs to be found, and it noted that their was a mix up on the DNA, and let Greenlee and Ryan Be reunited, so that Ryan can see what it was like to lose your Love and think she is deceased, and the whole time she was trying to find her way back to him. Finally they need to be blessed with a child together.


I hope Greenlee does not come back!!! Ryan should be with Kendall!!!!!!


why would they take her off? I liked Greenlee!!
I hope she comes back. =]


Work it out so Greenlee can spend more time off but KEEP her the show is DULL without her!!!!


Greenlee deserves to be alive. I agree with Jasmine that the show would be nothing without her. Greeenlee is a very special character on the show. She doesn't deserve to just be seen one more time. She deserves to be seen all the time on the soap opra.
What I'm saying is that if she is dead then she is no longer on the show. I really want her to be alive.


This show will be nothing without Greenlee( and Rebecca Budig as Greenlee) I was so happy when she returned to Pine valley that I began to watch the soap again. No reason to continue that.I will tune back in when she returns.


i think they should keep greenlee her and ryan belong together

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I want to know what you were doing while I was sitting in jail fending off the advances of Sheena, the queen of the 5 O'Clock shadow.


Opal, you need flash cards to understand the alphabet.

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