Gossip Girl Cast Sizzles in Rolling Stone

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It’s been a heart-wrenching month for fans of Gossip Girl as TV’s hottest show took a brief hiatus. But now Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass and Co. are finally back - and on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone.

Well, Blair and Serena are. Looking very hot, on the magazine's cover and in a photo shoot that makes the OMFG and other racy ads look tame by comparison ...

Gossip Girl on Rolling Stone Cover

Despite barely scraping together three million viewers a week, the show has become the most talked-about, culturally relevant series on television.

To get the dirt on what it’s like starring as beautiful young people in New York while being beautiful young people in New York, Rolling Stone's Jason Gay hung out with the Gossip Girl cast on set and after hours, catching all the action. He says:

“It’s very strange to see a mob of paparazzi photograph Blake and Serena in character as they film an outdoor scene. It’s as if the reality of the show exists behind two lenses - real time and TV time. All the actors enjoy the outside stuff because of the fans, too. It’s like playing on stage or something. More energy, more excitement and the sense that anything could happen. And sometimes it does. There is no such thing as a closed set in NYC!”

Follow the link to read the full Rolling Stone article, and click to enlarge the photos of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and the rest of the cast below ...

Two Gossip Girls
Double Gulp Again
OMFG Yet Again
Double Gulp
Hot Gossip Girl Cast
That Guy Sucks
Pillow Fight!

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It's Blake and Leighton, not Blake and Serena!!!


Look at Leighton and Blake's eyes in the pictures that only contain the two of them. Now, is it just me or do Leighton's eyes read [sexual] experience and Blake's read [sexual] surprise?


I like them. They are realy funny :D


Does anyone else know where more pictures from the shoot are? Or this that all they release?


FLUSH! You did not just say that you want to see MORE of Carter and Blair?!!!!!!! Fuck that! I want him to get shipped across the country like he's been doing for so many years since he disowned his parents! Or go play with Elle, because I got sick of her so fast and she deserves a little punishment for toying with Chuck.


No! Come on, people, NO on Vanessa and Chuck! It's true, Maddiex, the cat-mouse game has been going on for a while, but I still haven't lost interest. And yes, Kellie, fuck the fruitbasket... And try a whole region of Porsches.


I just saw the chuck/vanessa pictures unless they're ed/jessica either way it goes it doesn't matter I do like chuck & blair but whatever blair can be with nate plus she is hot and interesting I could care less if chuck likes vanessa or wants blair to be jealous it's not fair to blair that whenever chuck is ready then all of a sudden blair should be waiting for him with arms wide open and like a serving wife he has made plenty of mistakes with her and should know better not to think that whenever he feels like it she should be at home just waiting for him because he has pushed her away when she wanted to be with him and help him so he has to deal with it god sometimes chuck just gets me so damn angry I love blair and wish her the best but I want to see her now with carter or nate


when does this mag even come out? i just went to get it and it wasnt in any store...


don't worry, i'm pretty sure it's a scheme to make nate and blair jealous!


Claire i just checked it out and... OMFG!!! NOOOOOOO i'm about to cry, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, i hate this!!!!!!!!!!
what about Blair????


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