Gossip Girl Round Table: "Remains of the J"

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As fans gather in our Remains of the J" include memorable quotes, Jenny's birthday party, Nate and Blair's spark, Vanessa and Chuck, and Dan's mysterious half-brother ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Vanessa, displaying her adorable innocence to Chuck: "I came to you because I wanted to do something besides feel sorry for myself, but all it's been has been sleazy platitudes and you staring at my boobs."

Gossip Guy: As much as the idea of anyone sleeping with Vanessa sickens me, I love when Vanessa is disgusted by Chuck's idea to leak a sex tape and his response is "we don't have to leak the tape if you don't want to."

Mister Meester: Tie between V's "it's just physical" (snap, Nate!) and Dorota's theory on Nate running late: "Maybe girl from Brooklyn cry ... Mr. Nate nice boy, he wipe tears, he touch her hair, she touch his ... not that this ever happen to me." LOL.

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2. Favorite failed Kelly Rutherford pregnancy-concealing device: flowy orange top, sitting awkwardly with knees on sofa, or standing far away with huge coat in the lobby?

DANdy: What about hiding behind a pot of chili? Rutherford is just lucky Rufus' specialty involves the only cookware larger than her baby bump.

Mister Meester: The other stuff was subtle enough, but the full-on (bright orange no less) maternity top Lily wore at breakfast? Way to call attention to the pregnancy.

Gossip Guy: Definitely her awkwardly sitting on the sofa. The producers either need to get better at this, or take a note from How I Met Your Mother where they even make on-screen jokes about Alyson Hannigan's baby bump via a hot dog eating contest.

3. Who was most at fault for the party debacle, Serena or Jenny?

Mister Meester: Definitely Serena. After all Jenny's been through, the fact that she wanted a low-key affair at home should have been embraced, not ignored. Especially not just to prove herself to that stuck up b!tch Poppy. Nice hair, snob.

DANdy: By "party debacle," I assume you mean the fact that Serena wore a dress that scarcely showed off her cleavage. She has no one to blame but herself for that faux pas.

Gossip Guy: Oh, please, definitely Serena. I would have turned that lame soiree into a kegger if Jenny didn't.

4. Do Nate and Blair have a spark?

Gossip Guy: Eww no. Why the did Nate just lay there so awkwardly when Blair tried to kiss him. Might we want to set up Nate with Eric at this rate? If you want to see spark, just re-watch any episode with Chair!!

DANdy: No. But don't blame yourself, B. Nate only has chemistry with his hair stylist.

Mister Meester: Nate isn't exactly Mr. Fireworks, as evidenced by his blink-and-you-miss-it visit to Blair's after dumping Vanessa, and when he passed on the chance to hit it with her in Chuck's bed, but the scene at the end was pretty romantic. Maybe a best friend and a good guy is just what B needs in a man. At least for a couple of days.

An Infamous Kiss
Chuck and ...

Nair? Vuck? The Gossip Girl world has been turned upside down.

5. Will Chuck and Vanessa hook up again?

Mister Meester: I'm actually intrigued by this for two reasons: 1. Vanessa allying with Chuck Bass in their jealousy game was the most interesting thing she's ever done, and 2. His heart may belong to Blair, but does he also like Vanessa a little? That look at the end didn't exactly scream "get out, useless home-schooled Brooklyn documentary girl." I'm interested to see where C and V go from here.

Gossip Guy: Excuse me, I had to just swallow the vomit that almost came up.

DANdy: Again?!? There's a good chance they haven't stopped hooking up yet!

BONUS QUESTION: How did Scott find Dan, and what is he after?

DANdy: He read Dan's piece in The New Yorker and he's after advice from the author. Am I the only one that watched this episode?

Mister Meester: I think whomever wrote this question is trying to ask is whether Scott (if that's his real name) actually "knows," as his parents say, about his relationship to Dan, or whether he's just a fan. You have to think he figured it out and is after Lily's money or something. After all, how good a writer could Dan be?

Gossip Guy: Well obviously Scott got his mother's pretentious genes and read The New Yorker. Now what is he after? I'm going to assume it's not the Humphrey fortune.


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Normally I was a big Chair fan, but I have to admit, I'm waivering just a little. I definitely think there was chemisty with Nate and Blair and am intrigued to see where it will lead. Unfortunately I don't think it'll go too far.
I do not like Vanessa with Chuck. I feel like this storyline was done because the actors and dating in real life and that should not be brought into the show. Real life and show are two separate entities.
I also think that if Chuck is to deserve Blair, he has a lot of proving his love. First he takes off to chase some chick named Elle and not bothering with Blair at all. When she blows him off he comes running back to Blair expecting that she'll be waiting for him. How is that love? Than when she's not, he didn't seem to fight very hard for her at all. Now he sleeps with Vanessa under the pretense to get Nate/Blair jealous. If he loved Blair so much, then he would not be hooking up with Vanessa like that. That is definitely not a way to get a woman to come back to you. Now he may be hooking up with yet another girl in the previews. (Assuming it's not Blair and if it is, he had better have earned that!) I don't find he deserves her right now and if he wants her he had better pick up the pace and prove it. Otherwise I'm looking forward to the Nate/Blair storyline.


I may be crazy but I think the girl in the bed and wall is Poppy... with a wig... she gets mad at Serena for marrying her bf in Spain so she tried to get back at her by sleeping with her (step)brother. And then Chuck realizes that he and Poppy may have already slept together hence the "Have we done this before?" line. It's a long shot but who knows, that's Gossip Girl, haha


Totally agree with Magnolia on V... She has been hypocrite all along.. Remember the whole hiding letter from Nate to Jenny? Or blackmailing B? Don't like her character.. She doesn't really go with anyone...


Okay.. so I keep replaying and replaying the preview for next episode and I can't figure out who the girl in the bed with Chuck is!! Anybody get a better look than me? lol.. Is it V or B??? Or a random?? Ugh, it's killing me! p.s- They totally need to make Chuck fight more for B... I don't know why he still doesn't tell her that he loves her!! He's had sooo many chances! He could have even gone after her when he saw that she left the room and nothing happened with her and Nate... Oh well, I guess they have to make the story longer... Go CHAIR!!!!


nate and blair had a lot of chemistry!!! i watched their scenes together like 20 times...plus, their relationship would work if the writers would allow it but they're pretty good at breaking things up when everything is going so well between them. its true...chuck has lost his identity by sleeping with vanessa. vanesa never had integrity to begin with, she was just a hypocrite.




blair and nate won't work out. we all know chuck is going to win her back. i'm sad for vanessa, though, since she and nate were doing pretty good for a while until the whole nate's grandfather wants him to be a politician bit.


Chuck is a GOOD FOR NOTHING guy, who skips school daily, sleeps with a flock of women all the time, and does nothing useful for ANYONE. Not even himself. Come on girls, would you REALLY want a guy like that as your boyfriend irl? Blair deserves better.


I'm not trying to start any hate 'bbbb' but I don't agree with you. Blair acting pathetic & whiney is "behaving well"..?? She wasn't acting like herself (the way that everyone loves her) & that's because of Nate. But whatever you can feel & think the way you do. I was just expressing my opinion like you. I know Nair won't go anywhere so I promise not to speak about them anymore for fear of hurting someone's feelings.


you guys don't understand why nate said to vanessa about being blair waldorf, he says it because vanessa is vanessa and blair is blair, what vanessa is acting is to be like blair to get nate back and he doesn't see V as like that, but he understand and knows blair eversince they were a child that she is that kind of girl that's why he's used to it and in fact B is behaving well when he was with N. no offense, just an opinion

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Dan: What does Chuck Bass do at 8 in the morning? It's not like you work out.
Chuck: I do my cardio in the evenings. The morning is for business, which I am late for.

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Dan: More like a reality show.
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