More Gossip Girl Photos From "Remains of the J"

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Below are five more promotional shots from the March 30 episode of Gossip Girl, "Remains of the J." Looks like Serena is about to meet her new love interest, Gabriel Serrano!

Click to enlarge the Gossip Girl photos below ...

Nice to Meet You, Serena
Serena and Gabriel Photo
A Happy Text
Serena in Yellow
Smooth Operator

We've already recapped Monday's episode, "The Grandfather," for you, and from the looks of it, "Remains of the J" will have even more drama in store for us a week later.

Click to enlarge the rest of the photos from "Remains of the J," which we first posted on Wednesday, and tell us what you think about this exciting, upcoming episode ...

Vanessa and Chuck
B and D
Nate A.
Chuck and ...
N and B
An Infamous Kiss
Blair and Her Companion
Downtrodden Queen B
The Fabulous Blair
Nate and Blair Outside
Bundled Up Dorota
Remains of the J
J Remains
A New Face
Rufus and Lily Photo

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WTF? Didn't Nate diss Jenny for being such a high school bitch when she threw Vanessa under the bus .. but somehow he finds BLAIR the queen of I'm lost.


Oh ha-ha, UGh, but not really funny. We, V lovers, don't have to realize anything. We love her, she's awesome and I know for a fact that I don't have belly hair and I definitely know what the fuck is going on. Don't assume!


Dude. Vanessa sux. Idk how some of you don't realize that. And the ppl who do like her ur probably on your mom's couch with belly hair eating chips and dont even know what the hell is going on. yes, I'm a V h8tr. Build a bridge and get over it.


I have also hated Vanessa since the first time she appeared on the show. The only episode where I found her kinda cute was "The Age of Dissonance", but in all the other episodes she was really annoying! I agree with the others who said that she gets too much screen time. I have no idea why the writers keep pushing her like this in the fans' faces... it's like they're trying to make her a central character in the show and in my opinion, she doesn't deserve that. This character is really boring and adds nothing interesting to the show, so just get rid of her!!!


I love Vanessa I don`t care about the haters. They`re only pissed because they realized J`s character is going to FADE next season when they ALL go to college except her.


Rawrr, Um Yes I have been watching gossip girl very much and plus I don't live in Canada so I won't know what will happen until today. But if this show is about Blair/Serena then who cares. OK I didn't mean to get on your level but I meant that when people are acting like they're 14 they seem immature. It's annoying when people are saying stupid shit like "Ewww" or "Vanessa should die" and blah blah! You don't see the Blair haters acting that way or the jenny haters.
besides Vanessa fucken rules!




"r Says:
March 22nd, 2009 5:30 PM what are you people complaining about? this episode is ABOUT JENNY. look at the title. It doesnt make you sound unique to defend Jenny. " the fact that the title is about jenny means NOTHING when there is like 1 shot of jenny and many more scandolous ones of vanessa. this ep is obviously using jenny as a sub-pot and focusing around vanessa. and wtf are you talking about, it doesnt make me sound unique? it doesnt make you sound unique either to bag on jenny, and i wasnt trying to be 'unique' or whatever you came up with, i just like jenny as a character and am defending her because shes my fav. im sure you would do the same for your fav Verna
"Besides this show is about JENNY, airheads! I bet you guys are all 14 and younger
Geez! Vanessa is freaken awesome and it's her turn for some screen time" um, have you been watching? this show is not about jenny, the main character is blair/serena. jenny is barely in it nowdays. and fyi, i am 16 but if i was 14 why would it matter? do you think being older makes you more superior? do you think your opinon matters more because you are older? you seem like a very age-ist person, no need to diss on people because of thier age. that's not really an argument anyhow, because it doesnt matter what age you are. besides, enough with the "its vanessa turn for some screentime" she has been getting more than serena, jenny and dan combined! and it would be okay if it was something good, but as someone said we have seen the same scene with nate about 50 times. to me, vanessa id not a crucial part of the show. shes replacable.


just get vanessa out of the story.


Vanessa rules
Jenny drools
i just thought I'd put my personal stamp on this forum.
Oh and I lOooove the fact that CV might be something more. You people have got to broden out your ships. You all know that CB is going to be together! So stop acting like you hold the show "I don't like them as a couple even if they're just scheming. Period" You just make your self seem like an ass or a huge bitch. Oh and Susqi, Vanessa a huge part of this show. DEAL!


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