90210 Round Table: "The Dionysian Debacle"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the 90210 Round Table!

After each episode of this show, our staff sifts through a series of questions and has fun debating various developments from the most recent hour. What are we focusing on for "The Dionysian Debacle?"

Topics for this edition include Silver's new school, Naomi's sister, Liam and more...

How long will Silver last at Catholic school?
BrendaLova: Hopefully forever. I haven't stopped fantasizing about her in that outfit. (Sorry, TMI?)

The Real McKay: For the rest of the season, at least. She has to get revenge on that Angela girl somehow.

Wild4Wilds: I think she may be back at West Beverly next week. What's the point now? Everyone at both schools is aware of the sex tape.

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Are you glad to see Naomi's sister?
The Real McKay: Yes! Wasn't Naomi supposed to be the show's mega bitch? Complaining about salmon doesn't exactly qualify as that. We need a new character to really shake things up

Wild4Wilds: Yes. i'm glad to see actress Sara Foster any time, any place.

BrendaLova: Can I get back to you on this? I just don't wanna see the show get too far away from its core characters.

Liam: Hot, elusive bad boy? Or total jerk?
Wild4Wilds: I've never understood it, but women love their bad boys. So do fans of this show, as Dylan McKay taught us.

BrendaLova: Total jerk! No girl should let a guy treat her that way. Get out now, Naomi!

The Real McKay: Nice guys finish last for a reason; that reason is represented by handsome, aggressive, mysterious types such as Liam.

Is Navid the greatest guy of all-time?

BrendaLova: Yes. Stop being so understanding, dude. You're making all of us look bad.

The Real McKay: Totally. That speech to Adrianna both put her in her place and made her feel loved. The guy has serious skills.

Wild4Wilds: Not exactly. He still hasn't had sex with his fiancee, has he?

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I love dixon too NAvid and dixon are the perfect boyfriend


How long will Silver last at Catholic school?
well, im hoping she comes back, its not even that big a deal, so she had sex with her own boyfriend!
Liam: Hot, elusive bad boy? Or total jerk?
i liked liam at first, but hes acting like a jerk now! im still all for him, or at least i would be if he sucked it up, and stopped being such an ass, but, when i think about how he was like "im not a boyfriend" and stuff, im hoping theres some sort of important, dramatic, reason why he doesnt want to be the boyfriend type, like some really bad experience with the last chic he committed himself to or something
Is Navid the greatest guy of all-time?
Yea, Navid is pretty great!


How long will Silver last at Catholic school?
1.as long as ti takes for the real silver to come back How long will Silver last at Catholic school?
2. oh hellz yea, bring on the catfights!!! Liam: Hot, elusive bad boy? Or total jerk?
3. total jerk, he dosent deserve no woman!! Is Navid the greatest guy of all-time?
4. yes! he totally put ade in her place!! nut i haver a feeling tyler's not going to like this idea at all.




hey angela is not a bitch!! she was trying to help!! she thought she was helping silver!


How long will Silver last at Catholic school?
Hopefully not long.. I agree with Wild4Wilds.. what's the point? It's all out everywhere now. Dixon is right.. she needs to man up and face people. Are you glad to see Naomi's sister?
Yes, I have a feeling this chick has some stuff up her sleeve. Liam: Hot, elusive bad boy? Or total jerk?
It is true.. us ladies do love our bad boys but let's be serious. This guy is just a douche-bag. He's starting to get on my nerves. Anybody else up for bringing Ozzie back to play Naomi's love interest? Is Navid the greatest guy of all-time?
Seriously, I love Navid.. hence the name. This guy deserves a medal or something.


In answer to these, Silver will probably (should probably) go back to West Bev, Naomi's sister seems interesting, Liam is the biggest jerk i've ever seen, and Navid is officially the greatest guy of all time [as if sex has anything to do with it asshole (aka Wild4Wilds)]