Coming Up on Lie to Me: More on Lightman's Family

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A dedicated Lie to Me viewer posed a question to TV Guide this week:

When, if ever, will fans find out what happened between Dr. Cal Lightman and his ex-wife? What about the state of Dr. Foster's marriage?

Cal, Ex-Wife

In response, who better to turn to than star Tim Roth? He replied that we'll need to keep an eye on event that take place during the season's penultimate episode, airing May 6.

During that installment, the team tries to stop a serial rapist and "it kind of builds into some very strange areas," Roth said. "You're going to find out about Foster. You're going to find more about me and Jennifer, and my daughter."

Mekhi Phifer also makes his series debut on that episode.

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Here's the problem, Martin Walker is a psychopath and probably a killer. Just though you should know.

Cal Lightman

Martin Walker: A good chess player thinks five moves ahead.
Cal Lightman: Great chess players only think one move ahead, but it's always the right move.