Monica Raymund Speaks on Lie to Me Guest Stars

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Starting tonight, a couple of fresh faces will appear on Lie to Me.

Jennifer Beals (The L Word) shows up as Cal Lightman's ex-wife, while former ER star and Mekhi Phifer joins the series as a regular on May 6.

Ria Torres, Lie to Me

Monica Raymund, who plays Ria Torres on the series, spoke to TV Guide about each of these stars.

On Jennifer Beals' character: Her character is definitely a well-to-do, successful and independent woman. She doesn't need Cal's approval or judgment on anything, she's her own woman.

On Mekhi Phifer: He's awesome. Such a great actor, a great man and lot of fun to work with. I was a big fan of his when I met him, so I was a little star-struck. I was like, "What was it like working with Eminem [in 8 Mile]?"

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Jennifer Beals is awesome. She has grown with grace. Underexposed for what she has to offer. She's part of today, let's face it.

Lie to Me Quotes

Martin Walker: A good chess player thinks five moves ahead.
Cal Lightman: Great chess players only think one move ahead, but it's always the right move.

Weil: You haven't done enough muck-raking for one day?
Ria: Sir. We don't think you were doing anything sexual at that club, because, I believe this escort, Melissa, who you paid for time with-
Weil: What about her?
Ria: She's your daughter.