Private Practice Recap: "What You Do For Love"

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Like it's lead-in and sister series Grey's Anatomy, ABC's hit Private Practice returned from a lengthy hiatus last night and did not disappoint its growing legion of fans.

Pete made the decision to go for broke and dump Lisa (Idina Menzel, wife of Taye Diggs, below), for an uncertain future with Violet. Sheldon also proposed to Violet.

Neither knows who the father is. Still.

Elsewhere, Naomi is wooed away from Oceanside, Dell is mopey when he can't find his daughter, and Addison's conflicted chemistry with Noah continues to fester.

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Pete and Lisa

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Ok a few things - SO glad the show is finally back, but seriously? Here are the things on my mind as of right now: 1. Naomi can NOT leave Oceanside Wellness. That would be awful - Naomi is such a critical character for the show (interactions with Sam, Addie, Dell - and she's just a great character period) and losing her would be a disaster. (And I love Audra). 2. Addie should NOT (though she almost definitely will) sleep with Noah. You may like them together, but he is an idiot to cheat on his wife and she is stupid to help him. 3. I am so annoyed that Katie (the messed up patient who lost her baby a few episodes ago) is coming back. Seriously? Why do we need the ridiculously over-dramatic finale, Shonda? For ratings? (And if that is the reason, fine, but find a different way - I strongly disliked Katie the first time she was on, why bring her back?) Why can't we just have an exciting episode? Dell better get it together - though he probably will when Heather comes back to town on drugs, as she is supposed to next week. I like Dell but he's getting on my nerves. I love Kate Walsh! This show is great - but it definitely was beaten by Grey's last night. Sorry. Looking forward to the finale.


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Having a conscience is brutal.


Lucas's mom is amazing.


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