Private Practice Spoilers: Violet Makes a Choice

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Is Violet's baby daddy on Private Practice Pete or Sheldon?

None of us know for sure, nor do we know when we'll even find out. Or do we?

According to E! Online's spoiler Q&A today, the mystery of who it is and when we will find out may soon be solved when the series returns from its hiatus April 23.

The photo below is from the April 30 finale, "Yours, Mine and Ours," and Violet will "make her choice between Pete and Sheldon" in the Private Practice season finale.

Is this a clear victory for Team Pete? Or classic Shonda Rhimes misdirection? And what will the big revelation result in for both men in Violet's life?

Pete and Violet Photo

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violet pete sucks
addie pete the best
viewers all over the world agree on this
i hope the creators will realize this.


Pete and Addison should be together and Violet should date Cooper because they really have chemistry...!


I used to be an Addison/Pete fan and Violet/Cooper fan. But I agree with the above comment. Violet and Pete have grown being together and I love them together. They have amazing chemistry. Way more than Paddison had. Putting Violet and Pete together was a great idea on Shonda's part.


Ok I L-O-V-E Pete and Addison, but my dislike for Sheldon so outways my love for Paddison that, for me, this baby HAS to be Pete's! Sheldon just creeps me out way to much for him to be able to stay and be Daddy for Violet....and they really just don't mesh...not like Pete and Violet. They've really grown through being together, and I love them together. I hope Addie finds her perfect guy soon, but I honestly think that Shonda's given up on Paddison...


Oh my God! Does this mean Violet and Pete are getting back together?? I hope soooo. hooking them up was a great idea I love them!!!!!!!! I hope they stay together :) :) :)


I like Pete and Addie, but this Noah dude is so HOT!
i hate how hes a cheater though. its so bad. but theres a charm about him. and he's convinced himself that he's in love with Addison. i know other people don't like it, but i actually llike this storyline


This picture better mean that Violet and Pete are getting back together and that the baby is his! Those two have great chemistry and should be together. And I love watching them as a couple!


Yaaay Pete and Violet! I'm glad! They better end up together. Addison and Pete are over...time to move on. Violet and Pete are way better.


Soo glad I'm not the only one who is anti Pete and Violet. Also, just want to throw it out there that I love Dell and am still waiting for him and Naomi to follow up on their kiss from last season!


Please not Pete and Violet! I cannot stand that couple. Plus, Sheldon is hilarious!

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