Jessica Szohr Indulges in Men's Health

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Jessica Szohr plays Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl.

Despite some fans' undying hatred for this character, there's no denying the beauty of the 24-year-old actress of Hungarian and African-American descent.

Continuing Rolling Stone's effective theme of combining gorgeous Gossip Girl stars and food (the cover photo of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester will not soon be forgotten), Men’s Health recently asked Jessica Szohr to indulge in some sweets.

That was a sweet idea, to say the very least ...


Jessica Szohr as we've never seen her before.

In the magazine's May issue, the Gossip Girl star explains what foods turn her on. All you have to do, apparently, is give the girl a burger to satisfy her.

“After ten years of eating vegetarian I tried my boyfriend’s," says Jessica, who has been dating her co-star, Ed Westwick, for several months at least.

"I was completely overwhelmed," she adds. "It was an orgasmic experience. When I have a craving for something, I just can’t hold myself back.”

No comment. Check out some more Jessica Szohr photos from the magazine ...

Szohr Hotness

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your mother :D


I didnt love the shoot, but people are too harsh. The other girls have done shoots that weren't tasteful either.


She looks like she should be on


I like her. She seems to be a nice girl.
And she is dating Ed Westwick...I'm jelous!!!
Ed Westwick is so hot!!! I


this is wrong. speakng of wrong................... suscribe*comment


well i like jessica and its good to see there are others who do too


People really need to chill. No need to hate the poor girl because she plays such a mostly useless and occasionally horrible character on the show, because she has a hot boyfriend you wish you had, or because you think she's betrayed you as a vegetarian...
As a person, she is beautiful, apparently friendly and cheerful, apparently making Ed quite happy... and in regards to her eating: In the article, she says she was "eating vegetarian", not that she was one. She may have chosen to eat a diet without meat for any number of reasons, that don't have to include a moral choice. Even if her original (and possible continuing) commitment to "eating vegetarian" was for moral reasons, she may have been open to reassessing her commitment, testing her self, or just plain had a craving. So what?!
I "ate vegetarian" for five years, trying to have a lighter impact on both the environment in general, and animals in particular. However, I started out slow, knowing full well I would still miss some animal foods. For some bizarre reason, a craving for hot dogs and chicken noodle soup lingered for far longer than it should have, and I never did find vegetarian substitutes that satisfied. While undoubtedly I came off as a bit of a fanatic for a long while in the middle (small town, closed minds), I moderated my view as I experienced other cultures, and realized that (for me at least) there were many different ways to reduce my dietary impact on the earth, without necessarily giving up meat.
Extreme views held and expressed fanatically lead to hatred, hurt, and war. I really hate it when I read stuff on a site supposedly devoted to entertainment that gets so vicious. We all (me included) need to take a moment and think through what we are thinking and feeling before we post it, and make sure that we are fair to people on both sides of the screen. P.S. While I'm still smarting over the CV pairing, which sparked a brief but intense hatred of Vanessa, I find Jessica looks gorgeous here. Sure, the shots are sexy and revealing, but no worse than the Rolling Stone shoot for Blake & Leighton, or even most of Blake/Serena's outfits it seems ;P


Honestly, how can you hate a person you haven't even met? Don't judge her if you don't know her. Seriously, some girls are just downright mean! You're just jealous because she has Ed and you lot don't. Jessica is a beautiful and talented actress. You shouldn't judge an actress by their character. Remember, Gossip Girl is FICTION. It's a TELEVISION SHOW. Not real life. I love all the GG cast, especially Jess. To me, she's just as beautiful and talented as the two main girls, Leighton and Blake. No one is better than anyone else.


She looks pretty in these pictures, but only from the shoulders up. Does she REALLY need to have half her boobs showing and her legs wide open?


i have nothing against her,
and this photoshoot is super cute.
looks like a shoot blake or leighton to take part in


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